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Capricorn Season 2021 Is Here: These Are The Most Important Dates

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by Conscious Reminder

Capricorn Season will begin when the Dec. 21st winter solstice takes place. It is the traditional marker of the beginning of both summer and winter.

The energy of Capricorn is hard-working, persevering, ambitious, and practical. No matter what your sign is, Capricorn season’s energy can be a certain boost for your endurance and motivation levels.

Here are the most important astrological events that will happen during this Capricorn season.

Dec 21: Sun Steps Into Capricorn/ Solstice

During a solstice, the planets’ energy grids align. As such, it is a chance to connect with Mother Earth’s restorative, soothing, and healing energies much more easily. You can establish this connection by spending time in the embrace of nature. Or, you can introduce some methods of honoring the elements in your rituals.

Dec 23/24: Square Between Saturn And Uranus

This feature has been happening throughout 2021. Now, it will reach its peak. The energy usually manifests as a pull and push between honoring our freedom and setting our boundaries. There is Saturn’s influence that encourages a look back at the past. Meanwhile, Uranus’ influence pushes us to look toward future innovations. The times ask us to adapt.

Dec 25: Venus Retrograde Conjunct Pluto

Venus will be meeting Pluto for the third time. This time, Venus will be traveling retrograde. The dynamic between the two underlines power imbalances regarding areas of money and relationships. It can also give rise to powerful love which can be healthy or obsessive. Be careful about the direction you get power from and use your power in.

Dec 28: Jupiter Steps Into Pluto

Jupiter stands for abundance and expansion. Pisces has associations with creativity, spirituality, and consciousness. In 2022, all these themes will probably be highlighted. Additionally, this residence of Jupiter has a high chance of making our hearts more compassionate.

Jan 1: Happy New Year!

In numerology, 2022 is one of the number 6 years. This means that our focus will be on getting organized, releasing patterns of our karma, and healing. This year, we might be thinking a lot more about the bigger picture.

Jan 2: New Moon In Capricorn

It is 2022’s first new moon and it will be a great chance to set ambitious goals. This lunation will give us immense drive and energy to dream big and go for higher goals. The New Moon may also be highlighting our relationships. Keep in mind that all manifestations will help us to dig deeper and find a sense of being that will be more meaningful.

Jan 8: Venus Retrograde Conjunct Sun

This aspect marks Venus’ rebirth as a morning start. At the same time, it will represent the energy field of our heat metamorphosing. This Venus will have everything to do with starting anew in money, relationships, and love.

Jan 14: Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde is the Universe telling us to reduce our pace and reflect. During this period, we will be encouraged to think more about our mental health, and our method of communication. Try and finish your current projects before you take on anything new.

Jan 17: Full Moon In Cancer

The Moon has a special affinity for Cancer. However, other planetary energies which are quite strong can make the lunation harsh or tricky. There might be sudden exits or we might be forced to leave things behind suddenly. Remaining loyal to the most important will be crucial to navigating this period.

Jan 18: Uranus Stations Direct

This is one of the subtler energies. Things that we began back in 2021 August, can take on brighter and new directions. With Uranus exiting retrograde, themes regarding financial markets, food industries, and farming, in general, can surface.   

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