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Capricorn Season Horoscopes: Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022

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by Conscious Reminder

On Dec 21, Tuesday, Capricorn Season began. And, for the first time in the past 3 years, Saturn is not around to set up blockages.

This means that this Capricorn season is going to be especially exciting and easier, particularly for earth signs.

Here is what the different zodiacs can expect from the 2021-22 year Capricorn Season.


This season will encourage you to test your limits. The spotlight is on you, particularly at work. But do not feel pressured. Just make sure to give your best. Also, make sure you have enough time to enjoy the successes, regardless of their size. A big promotion might be heading your way!


This month’s focus will be on exploration. It can be a faraway vacation or a new lesson, you should be broadening your horizons. Usually, you are quite stubborn. But right now, you are finding it easier to accept the excitement and newness.


The major themes for this season are intimacy, trust, and commitment. You will also be particularly tested on your most recent life lessons. Think of relationships as adding shine to your romance, rather than “settling down”. A tight and beautiful connection can be built right now.


This is cuffing season. So the time is perfect for finding and cuddling with a boo by a fireplace. Saturn has been restricting your romance for quite a while, but the time has come to bring out the moves. Put yourself out there. The next special person is just around the corner.


No more procrastinating, you have to sort out your life now. Get all the laundry and chores that have been piling up lately. Getting tidy and sorted will make it easier to use the energy of the Aquarius season.


Saturn has been setting up major blockages for the past few years in the 5tg house of your chart. But that’s over now! This is the time to spice up your love life in all the ways you can think of. January’s theme will be to look good, feel great, and have an awesome time.


Holiday seasons tend to be particularly stressful since you usually spend the majority of it around family. But this month can also be used for some immense healing. Be how congenial you usually are. Try to reconnect with the roots and family, who might not be biological.


This month is going to be busy, very busy. But work might not be the only reason. Rather, you are totally plugged in and making loads of connections. Be it old friends or the next special person, this is one of the best times for starting big conversations.


Work is getting a lot more important right now. This is actually a good thing. More hours means more pay. Plus, the more work you do now will translate to more free time later. But keep an eye on your finances. You might be making extra money, but you will be feeling even more compulsive about spending too much.


Happy Birthday! You have finally been freed from Saturn’s blockages. Chase your goals, establish new connections, and just explore. Relationships and projects that begin now can be important for the long term.


Holiday seasons are usually average. Take the time to finish all your current projects, and get rid of stuff that is no longer worth anything. This may not be fun, but it is necessary to make 2022 a proper “new” year.


The season is giving a makeover to your social endeavors. No matter what kind of social activity you are attending, you are guaranteed to make tons of brand new connections. The majority of them won’t go beyond acquaintances. But, the next bestie can also be among them.

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