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21 Signs That Will Let You Know If You Are A Starseed

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Once in a while, do you have this feeling that you are not from Earth?

It might seem far-fetched but you may be a Starseed. Starseeds are souls whose origin lies in different planets, stars, solar systems, or perhaps even galaxies.

Starseeds are souls that are extremely evolved and have been sent to this planet with a specific mission. They are tasked with introducing new wisdom and knowledge that will raise the planet’s collective consciousness.

The Real Home Of Starseeds

Since they do not originate from our star, their vibrations or auras are quite different. They are also able to access information that cannot be accessed from our world.

In their heart, these souls know that this planet is not actually their home. As a result, at times, it can make them feel alone or as if they don’t belong.

Often, starseeds report dreaming of alien encounters, or abductions repeatedly. They may also find a lot of societal and political rules of this planet irrational or unnecessary. As a result, they often pave their own road or find unprecedented methods of doing a task.

Starseed souls are, furthermore, extremely empathetic, intuitive, and psychic. They are highly sensitive to this world that they live in.

They might also show an unusual interest in alien life, space, and time travel. Starseeds, also, have a unique appearance. Their faces are angelic with long necks and large eyes.

The Top Traits Of These Souls

If you find these traits familiar, then here are some of the most common signs that you are a Starseed:

1. You strongly feel and know that this planet is not the home you belong to.

2. You often find societal rules to be opposite to your belief and feel out of place.

3. You repeatedly dream about spaceships or aliens.

4. You have immense sensitivity and high intuition or psychic abilities when it comes to your immediate surroundings.

5. You often catch glimpses of UFOs. Or, you might be very attracted to the world of spirits, time travel, and space.

6. You have an innate knack at handling technology and often solve problems differently from the usual methods.

7. You can easily pick up the feelings of others. You have immense empathy for the emotions of others.

8. Your body might function in a different way than the average human.

9. Your intelligence is high, however, you are not at all interested in orthodox academics.

10. You feel a constant push to reconnect or awaken your true purpose.

11. You may find it difficult to actually know your purpose or blend in with society.

12. People who meet you may also find you to be different or are careful around you.

13. Children and animals may trust you in an instant or find you very interesting.

14. You can be in large crowds only for a brief amount of time.

15. You might find it tough to make small talk and have a serious case of social anxiety.

16. You remember bits and pieces of your mission or purpose on this planet. Or, you see flashes of it once in a while.

17. You might have a dream-like memory of life in another galaxy or planet, and the scenery there.

18. Your soul is old. Even when you were a kid, you were unusually mature at your age.

19. Earthly life may feel disappointing or boring to you at times, especially when you remember your true home.

20. You appear to solve problems in much less time. Complaints of the Earth seem too simple for you.

21. You have an innate talent in subjects like metaphysics, space travel, engineering, physics, and technology.

Starseeds are thought to have an “alarm clock” programmed inside them. This clock is believed to awaken them at different periods during their earthly lives to help them complete their mission.

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