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High Five Yourself! Mercury Is Out Of Retrograde And You Didn’t Text Your Ex

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Good news everybody!! We survived another Mercury retrograde (even though we are not completely in the clear yet). The astral event that started on February 16th is finally over.

Don’t get me wrong but this literally means that every single problem that cropped up in your life in the last few weeks would perhaps be over.

Today, Mercury turns direct, which is yet again going to bring up several new themes and tropes. While you may believe that the end of Mercury retrograde was perfectly aligned with your plan that isn’t the case.

Mercury turning direct is still going to bring up conversations that would be extremely crazy in nature, making your head whirl yet again.

Since this latter half of the retrograde took place in Aquarius, we all expect things to go in a certain way. Aquarius brings with itself a unique perspective about things and an unusual clarity- which will ensure that you find the answers to your problems faster.

This wasn’t the case at the beginning of the retrograde when the Messanger planet traveled through Pisces, and we all know that this sign is famous for its ambiguity.

I hope you used this slowed down period to take a good, hard look at where you stand in your relationships and professional life. While things will start moveing quite fast now, there is still some time before we reach that level of acceleration.

So, you will find a bit of a delay for newer things to start, but that doesn’t mean that you give up hope. Just hold onto your patience until the 29th of March. Also remember, you might find your exes coming back to you during that time.

Interestingly, Mercury is turning direct less than a day after the March Full Moon. So, don’t be surprised if things take an unexpected turn this week under the influence of the first Supermoon’ energies.

The Full Moon is all about spelling out the truth, so you can expect a lot to come out in your relationships with other people.

Between today and March 29th, Mercury will be going through the retroshade phase. On the 29th, Mercury gets back to being in the same position that it started from. Only this time, it will bring some much-desired relief.

By March 29th, you will be huffing and puffing for some respite and Mercury turning direct will lead to that.

As they say, give yourself some much deserving credit because you have gone through this month while accruing the least amount of damages.

Also, thank God you didn’t text your ex back. Who needs that mess back in your life, right? 

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