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Venus Is Retrograde: These Are The Least And Most Affected Zodiac Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

For those who still don’t know, Venus Retrograde started on December 19th. So, possibly, you have already felt some jitters in relationships.

The retrograde brings 6 weeks’ worth of mistakes and slow-downs regarding matters of beauty, finances, dating, and relationships. For some this period can be frustrating and dizzying, for others it will be smooth-sailing.

Here are the 3 signs that will be least affected during the 2021-22 Venus Retrograde:


Venus retrograde will not be leaving you completely untouched. You will certainly have to do intense retrograde work regarding desires, boundaries, and intimacy.

But, unlike some other signs, most of the growth will take place under your relationships’ surface. This means it can be tougher to spot it. This period will ask you to take a better look at your commitments’ implied dynamics. Try to be honest in conversations about money and love.


Some signs will have a horrid love life because of this retrograde, but you are not one of them. Rather, your focus will most probably be on your health routine, schedule, and career. Sticking to your schedule might get too much for you right now.

Moreover, you might be rethinking what you do during your free time, and trying to find ways of adding beauty to your daily grind. Any big beauty splurges should wait till the retrograde ends, but small methods of adding luxury to your life will help.


You usually approach your feelings logically. But the Venus retrograde can make it tough to know what you truly want from relationships. As for your romantic front, you might focus on past dynamics more than solving present matters.

Let yourself explore the fantasies and follow your daydreams. It is also going to be a great time for connecting with the mystical side.

Now, here are the 3 signs that should be extra careful during this Venus Retrograde:


Venus’ backspin is asking serious questions about your relationships. Do not avoid them, when they come. This will be your opportunity to dig under the surface dynamics in your relationships and deal with resentments that were harming your bond’s integrity.

These revelations can stir up drama but you will have much more clarity about your commitments after getting through them.


Your dating scene is getting the most affected by this backspin. Consequently, you may see your tastes have changed. Quirks that you usually find passionate are starting to seem annoying, while another “type” is attracting you more.

For those who are single, it can be fun to explore these evolving tastes, or even go back to a former romance. But, try not to make any big commitments, whether it be ending or starting something. By the time the Retrograde ends, your feelings may change.


Venus Retrograde is taking place in your sign. So the effects are particularly powerful and personal for you. You are completely into review mode regarding how authentic your relationships are as well as how much you should commit to them.

If there are repeating relationship patterns that do not let you be your authentic self, then now will be the time to break them. Also, keep in mind that love is not exclusive to romance: self-love will also be a significant theme for you during this retrograde.

Some people can expect their love lives to be turned upside down during this retrograde. However, for most of us, some simple precautions regarding Venus retrograde can steer us away from unnecessary drama. 

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