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Negativity Neutralizing Ritual To Protect Your Space In 2022

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

In this article, we are going to present you the ritual which you can use in order to feel refreshed just in time for 1st January.

Bring the following – broomsticks, boundaries, and blessings. There should actually be zero negativity in the year 2022, and one excellent way of setting such boundaries in the magical stone will be by performing ritual for cleansing a certain space in the house/home.

For this ritual, you will need the following: a broom, or also vacuum, then a bowl containing salted water or it can also be ocean water and a crystal with protective powers such as black tourmaline or also a jet.

What are you supposed to do? You can start in a distant corner in your home and utilize the vacuum and broomstick, start cleaning the floor and whisking away every literal dust.

Just like Magical Recipes Online advised, you should chant the phrase “Negativity be gone, out of my way once and for all!” while you are moving around your home, cleansing.

Imagine how each negative thing which was building up in the last several years is now cleansed from your personal space.

So, if you have covered most of the floor space, as well as reached the door at the front, you should open it, and say the chant which we mentioned above once again to any energy from outside.

After that, you should take the protective crystals, as well as carry them in the pocket.

Then, take the already prepared saltwater, and after that move from your front door of your house to the distant corner of it, sprinkling water around the space which was freshly cleaned, together with blessing it, as well as infusing positive things in every single corner.

According to the instructions, you should use another chant for this period: “Negativity disappeared, and an obstacle of light is created in order to protect the ones I love and me!”

When you finish sprinkling the entire house with this blessed water, as well as with carrying the crystal around with you, you have to say the chant once again while you are holding your crystal in hand, also infusing it with your intention.

This will be your new and different amulet for protection. When it is in the form of jewelry, you may wear it every time you feel the need to.

If you don’t wear it, simply place it somewhere near to the front door, in order to represent protection of the safe space within you and also leave it like that until the end of this new year.

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