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What The Gemini Full Moon Has In Store For Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

2022’s last month has arrived, and it is marking the usual holiday season marked with parties in the middle of the Sagittarius season.

As such, you may want to clean the closet of the past and loose ends as you prepare to live in the present while hoping for a bright future. So, read on to find out what you can do to harness this last full moon’s power of self-reflection.


The December full moon is going to pair up with Mars, your ruler. With its highlight on communication’s third house, this is when you should talk about any underlying tensions in a relationship – be it familial or friendly.


The upcoming lunation is taking place on income’s second house, which means you will have to confront a continuing workplace dispute. Unfortunately, it will happen regardless of your value at the job.


As the lunation will rise in Gemini while pairing up with Mars, you are getting a boost when it comes to pursuing passion projects. Make sure you remain close to your self-image and voice your opinions.


Rising in spirituality’s twelfth house, the period is ideal for spending some time resetting, recharging, and having a clear sight of how to hit one or more long-term targets. If you feel like you do not need a break at all, be careful because resentment can rise when you don’t practice enough self-care.


The December lunation will take place in networking’s twelfth house, meaning feelings regarding teamwork will surface. If the situation surrounding colleagues and friends has been frustrating, voice your opinions.


The Gemini Full Moon falls in your career’s tenth house, signifying an exciting culmination in your professional life. You might feel like keeping your thoughts to yourself, but voicing them now may spare you the trouble of some holiday-time stress.


Since the lunation is taking place in adventure’s ninth house, you might feel a bit agitated and restless, even feeling stuck. Talking about it with your closest people can have productive results.


As the lunation rises in joint resources and emotional bonds’ eighth house, there will be a need to communicate with your significant other or some other loved one regarding the thing that makes you feel comfortable and secure. It can be regarding sex life or common financial responsibilities.


With the December lunation rising in partnership’s seventh house, expect to be particularly aware of reciprocity in relations involving only you and someone else. You will also be aware of a lack of it. Regardless of which side has been coming up short, the lunation will encourage you to solve it with some talking.


The lunation will highlight daily routine and wellness’ sixth house, meaning you will have more motivation to be more balanced and organized regarding daily activities. Take a break from the usual pragmatism to vent about recent restraints.


The Gemini full moon, for you, is rising in self-expression and romance’s fifth house. As such, you might find it aggravating to be unable to take a break from work and have more fun than usual. It will be fine to prioritize your wants over the group’s, especially if you talk about your innermost desires.


The December full moon is taking place in home life’s fourth house, which will compel you to balance personal commitments and work better. Talk through the methods of establishing new boundaries in certain areas of life, as it will make for a beautiful first step toward finding that balance.

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