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Astro Forecast For January 2022: Romantic And Financial Do-Overs

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

January 2022 promises to be a brighter note in quite a long while.

Even if external events may not die down, we are probably finding peace with them. This is all because of the cosmic buffering that is happening while we find our way through ever-changing situations.

A Passionate And Intense Atmosphere

Intensity and passion will be the main focus behind everything. Ongoing themes include revisiting and do-overs in every type of agreement and communication. Very little will be new, or actually unexpected. However, a small part of it can destabilize similar to what has been happening over the past few years.

The majority of it will be as if we are watching a movie unfold. But we won’t just be spectators. Sometimes, we will be called to take action with determination and fervor.

January’s more hopeful, more loving, and gentler atmosphere will be the vibe for the majority of 2022. These beneficial vibes are getting boosted by Jupiter just entering boundless watery Pisces. Jupiter’s nuanced influence may dissolve boundaries and increase inter-dependency, escapism, inspiration, empathy, and sensitivity.

The planetary influence will be present as summer sets in, and then it will return in fall. Right now, Jupiter is making harsh realities a little smoother to handle. It is also offering more loving, and higher perspectives on present upheavals as well as rearranging institutions and foundations.

While Jupiter resides in Pisces, we are encouraged to look at fellow humans and life with a higher love. Regardless of whether we agree to Jupiter’s encouragement, we will definitely have love in mind. We will be seeing love as it exists in reality, and then seeing how it measures up against a bottom line that is quite cold.

This attitude towards Love is being prompted by the Venus retrograde in Capricorn. This planetary movement will cover the majority of January. This particular Venusian mode desires tangible appreciation, longevity, reliability, and durability.

Since the middle of December, Venus has been reminding us of our past desires and experiences. Revisiting them has let us reclaim parts of ourselves that we had dropped. It has also let us reword unfinished, old business, and identify things that no longer serve a purpose to our present lives.

The Influence Of Venus Extends Beyond The Retrograde

Venus’ movements in January will give us a chance to connect earthly experiences and higher potentials.

The chance will come on Jan 5 when Venus and Neptune will form a sextile. Venus will also encourage us to incorporate the revelations and experiences of the retrograde into ourselves. This will happen on Jan 8 when Venus and the Sun fuses.

The Venusian focus on practicalities that will stay for a while will be getting several types of assistance throughout January. The Sun in Capricorn will underscore Venus’ orientation through Jan 19, when it will enter Aquarius.

We are also agreeable with Venus at the beginning of January. But then, they will be flying for some weeks into the distance and intellectual exploration. However, before January ends, our minds will return to the ground.

This changeability is because of Mercury, whose first retrograde for the year starts on Jan 14. We will be focusing more on the practical starting from Jan 24-25. We will be driving toward incremental work for tangible goals and project management, when Mars enters Capricorn on Jan 24.

Finally, on Jan 29 when Venus retrograde ends, Uranus will be giving an unobstructed zap. There will be a trine delivering startling and disruptive developments that will flip perspectives instantly. It will be graduation that is efficient and quick.

It might feel explosive but our hearts will grow because of it. On Jan 31 the Sun will be squaring Uranus. Our desires are morphing, and during this month, we will as well.

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