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How The Subconscious Can Detect Lies

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

One of the great paradoxes of humanity is that most of its wisdom does not lie in consciousness, but in the subconscious.

This “knowing” is called intuition. It is hidden knowledge, but it exists within us to the extent that science now recognizes that the subconscious can detect lies and misconceptions.

Even if we do not understand it on a conscious level, each of us has a kind of internal lie detector, capable of detecting signals sent by people who lie. It helps us recognize when people are trying to deceive us, without being aware of it.

Why do we sometimes allow ourselves to be deceived? Although the subconscious reveals lies, we do not always pay attention to our intuitive impulses. As strange as it may sound, sometimes we want to be deceived.

Let’s discover together the relationship between the subconscious and lies.

There is no perfect lie

Imagine that someone wants to tell a perfect lie. To do so, they must first work out a meticulously structured plot. Each piece must fit perfectly, making the lie compelling. At the same time, the narrated version must be in line with what will be said about it later. The effort is enormous.

Even if you manage to make a perfectly coherent story, this is not enough. You need to maintain perfect control over your body language. You should not hesitate or show signs of hiding something. The gaze must be calm, the pupils normal, the hands in a relaxed position.

Lying to perfection is a superhuman endeavor. Maybe a handful of people across the planet succeed, but for mere mortals, it’s mission impossible, precisely because people can unconsciously spot lies. In a split second, a person can interpret signals that go beyond words, noticing deception.

Science says the subconscious reveals lies

The Association for Psychological Science has published a study that tests the ability of the unconscious to detect lies. The results of the study were published in the prestigious journal Psychological Science and leave no room for doubt.

The first thing that appeared was that most people are not good at recognizing lies at all. Up to 54% of the population do not notice when they are victims of lies.

However, researches have shown that the subconscious detects lies even when a person doesn’t, because most people don’t pay attention to information coming from deep areas of their mind. To prove this fact, 72 volunteers participated and were shown a video about a group of people; some stole $ 100.

The characters in the video talked and the volunteers had to decide whether they were guilty or not. Only 43% guessed correctly.

Where does this paradox come from?

It is not yet clear why there is such a contrast between the unconscious and consciousness. This is obviously due to our tendency to give more credibility to the contents of the intellect, and not to the contents of our instincts.

Furthermore, in some situations, the person who is the victim of deception chooses to participate in it. This is a typical case of some cases of infidelity, in which those who were betrayed claim to have noticed it “last”.

Careful examination of the situation, however, reveals various clues that the person did not want to pay attention to. In this case, they unconsciously notice a lie, but their conscious refuses to accept the evidence in order to avoid a painful experience.

All this leads us to think that it may not be a bad idea to listen to the messages that intuition sends us. To do this, we must stop believing that the only source of truth lies in our reason.

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