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11 Ground Techniques For Empaths To Handle Depression And Apathy

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by Conscious Reminder

It can be very difficult for an empath to ground themselves because they have to deal with a constant onslaught of different emotions.

It doesn’t matter where they are because their power ensures that they can feel everything that people around them are feelings. No wonder it is not unusual for an empath to become depressed and apathetic and forgetful of their purpose.

Here are some ways in which empaths can ground themselves when times are hard:

1. Think different

Our lives are heavily influenced by what is going on in our minds. If we keep obsessing over negative thoughts, that will turn everything in our lives negative. It is important to change those thoughts into positive ones and never allow them any space.

2. Work out and have fun

Besides improving your physical health, working out regularly can also be a way of releasing bottled up feelings, expelling the toxins in your body by sweating, improving your mood and rejuvenating yourself. And work outs don’t have to be long and boring. You don’t have to stick to any instructions. Find something you love and do it regularly. Change your routine when you get bored with it.

3. Meditate

If there is too much going on inside your mind, meditation is essential to keep yourself from becoming stressed. Find a type of meditation that appeals to you and commit to it. When you begin, your mind will wander but make yourself focus on your breathing.

4. Be creative

Between our work and our families, we barely get the time to work on things that we are passionate about. Doing so will have a positive impact because your mind will be concentrating on something that makes you happy. Unleash your creativity and do what you love. Remember that you don’t have to be an expert to have fun.

5. Balance your chakras

There are a few ways to do this. You can practice Yoga, especially the Five Tibetan Rites which were especially created for chakra balancing. You can meditate with a guide or by yourself. You can use powerful crystals that will heal your illnesses and bring you back to stability.

6. Laugh

You will find that life improves by leaps and bounds if you just laugh. There is no point being quiet and polite all the time. Find the inner child within you and let them marvel at this world and laugh at all that they see. It can be incredibly therapeutic.

7. Commune with nature

Even if you live in an urban area, whenever you get a break, go out and enjoy some nature. Go to parks and woods and fields and just let Mother Nature work her magic.

8. Essential oils

When you use these along with crystals, their power to heal will grow manifold. Lavender is a great option for everyone because we can apply it straight to the skin or pour it into the bath. It works to prevent depression and can help you sleep if you need it.

9. Love

In this journey of healing, there is nothing more essential than love. It helps all of us to survive. Your mood will automatically improve if you do the things you love and if you are surrounded by people you love.

10. Be truthful

In truth you will find the freedom that you need. When you start fighting for it, you will see the whole world in a different light.

11. Stay hydrated

We are all 75% water and it is important to maintain that balance. Dehydration can disrupt the functions of our organs, cause illness and make us age faster. It also useful for washing away all the impure and negative energy that surrounds us.

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