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3 Crystals That Can Ignite Your Passion And Keep The Fire Burning

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

You can portray your self-expression and sense of creativity with the help of sex, as it is looked up to as a cosmic dance between the masculine and feminine sides.

The more you proceed into yourself, the more you learn how to accept yourself completely. It deepens the sense of pleasure in all the areas of your life and not just in romantic relationships.

For a holy sexual union to take place, each member needs to prove their commitment to doing their inner work and looking for a purpose in life. If you want to be intimate consciously, you need to build a deep level of awareness and grow spiritually. 

You need to work with certain crystals that can catalyze your spiritual growth and offer long-term benefits. Some of these crystals can boost your libido and assist in restoring your passion between you and your life partner.

We have carefully selected 3 crystals that can assist you in igniting your sexual passion. You need to choose a crystal that you are drawn to and trust its healing powers.

The Crystals That Can Ignite Your Sexual Passion

1: Garnet

This is a crystal for romance and passion. It is quite revitalizing and helps in boosting your sexual passion in life. If you feel that you have lost touch with your partner, you can work with a garnet crystal and reignite the fire in your romance. The red hues can help you regain your sexual passion and usher in exciting energy.

This particular crystal will also remind you that “pleasure” is your birthright and you should allow yourself to be pleased instead of feeling guilty about it.

2: Red Aventurine

Red Aventurine also helps in enhancing passion between you and your lover. If you are worn out, you can work with this crystal to get a boost of life force. This in turn has a positive effect on your libido.

The crystal will also help you put your guard down and surrender to a rush of sexual energy. If you are scared to be vulnerable, this crystal will provide the necessary assurance that there is no need to be afraid.

You can wear this crystal as jewelry or carry it in your purse to boost your energy levels.

3: Crazy Lace Agate

The Crazy Lace Agate is a marvelous crystal that reminds you to adopt a playful approach to your romantic life. 

You might get stuck thinking about the future and fail to enjoy the present. This is where this crystal comes in handy and reminds you that you must not take life too seriously and loosen up.

This crystal has massive uplifting energy and can make you feel energetic. You can also boost your self-worth and self-confidence if you work with this crystal.

All you need to do is to let yourself go free and not control your body’s sensations.

A Small Ritual To Ignite Your Sexual Energy

You need to wait until the moon is full, to ignite your sexual energy. Place any of these crystals under the rays of the moon. You will see the crystals charge themselves with the fresh energy of the full moon.

You can then program the crystal by asking them to ignite the passion in your life, the next morning.

Keep a strong faith in the crystals as they will surely work their magic for you.

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