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The Most And Least Affected Zodiac Signs For The Leo Full Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

Full Moons are usually magical events, however, the Leo Full Moon will be magical enough to completely change everything.

Leo radiates majestic and wild energy that seeks out attention. During this lunation, we will be learning why we deserve to be royal. We deserve the praise we get for our irresistible charms and unique talents. So take this time to show them off!

But, as with everything, not every zodiac will feel the same effect. Some will see their lives changed while some will only feel a bit of a boost.

Here are the signs that will be most affected by the Leo Full Moon:


You may come across some big revelations regarding your family, your heart, and your home. The deeper truths will be hints as to what is needed to feel more secure and safer. At the same time, this lunation can also teach you about building your nest and laying your roots.


This is your full moon, and you are enjoying the spotlight. The lunation will light up your newly acquired growth and how you have integrated it. You stand for many things and you deserve the pride you have for what you offer to the world.


This lunation will be changing your usual secretive mentality. It is going to light up the recent motivation that has made you play your best game. You may even feel ready to announce out loud your progress so far. So revel in the enjoyment you get from talking about your hard work.


As you evolve, your relationships evolve side by side. The Leo Full Moon is going to teach you how what you know of cooperation, love, and commitment is continuously evolving. You have been becoming less petty and moving past passive-aggressive behavior. Rather, you are imbuing a clearer intention.

The next few zodiac signs can expect to not be embroiled in the drama at all. Rather, you may be shown a valuable element of the journey you have been on so far.

Here are the 4 zodiac signs that will be least affected by the Leo full moon:


This lunation is asking you to think about how you communicate and analyze given information. It may also see a significant conversation surface. Be mindful of how you interpret the meaning from a given set of data, and then how you choose to relay it to everyone else.


The Leo Full Moon may make you feel more sensitive and withdrawn. However, that is absolutely alright. This lunation is set to reveal the dreams, emotions, and feelings that have persisted in the unconscious mind for a while. There may be a few surprising revelations. However, do not worry about feeling overwhelmed. It is being caused by the immense amount of healing that is already happening.


When you focus on a minute thing, you are usually missing out on the big picture. During the Leo full moon, you will be asked to look at something like the bigger sum of its parts. Obsessing over one small detail or flaw is keeping you from seeing everything come together like an intricate pattern. Look for a deeper meaning than the one you are searching for.


Your body has all the information you need regarding your productivity, energy levels, and health. The lunation is lighting up your routine and wellness sector. As such, it is teaching ways of committing to rituals that let you feel refreshed and raring to start. Look after yourself and you will find out that you can do a lot with a bit more TLC and patience.

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