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Your Leo Full Moon Horoscope Is Here: Get Ready For A Steamy Week

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by Conscious Reminder

The February Full Moon will take place after Valentine’s Day. However, the astrological vibes are still going to be extremely passionate.

This lunation will take place on February 16th. It will give every zodiac sign the chance to grow out of their self-doubt and gain a refreshing feeling of confidence.

Here is how the February full moon is going to affect each sign:


This lunation wants you to let your burning spirit take the reins as you hit the acceleration pedal. The full moon’s blast of inspiration is filling you with new energy when it comes to creative endeavors, passion projects, and love life.


The February Full moon will be all about connecting with those who give you the best sense of home. You will be able to find stability during an unpredictable period in the company of the familial nurturing vibes.


It takes very little to coax the chatterbox inside you to come into the limelight. So expect to succeed during this full moon. This will be the time for openly and confidently sharing your creativity. But, since you have a lot of attention, be careful of what you say.


The February full moon will encourage you towards investing in yourself. Make sure that some “fun” is taken care of by including it in a financial plan. It can be saving up for future vacations or asking for that well-deserved raise.


This is where the full moon will shine, so figure out the angels and find the light for you. You can be unstoppable when you completely embrace your authenticity and confidence. The world is waiting for it too.


This will be a lunation filled with surprises and optimism for you. So release all the logistical worries and let your mind daydream. Fantasizing about your dream life is the starting step to manifesting it into your reality.


Venus, the planet that is your ruler, is aligning with Mars during the lunation. So it’s one of the best times for rejuvenating your goals with some energy. A team of like-minded people will help a lot in bringing out the best of your passion projects.


The moon’s light is focused on your professional life presently. So the time is ripe for grabbing the proper people’s attention. Find excuses that will let you make a warmer connection with your bosses. Or, just display your best professional talents.


The February Full moon is going to be a spicy one for you as it will inspire you to look into exciting unexplored territories. Let your heart take you to brand new destinations, even if it means last-minute bookings.


A full moon is usually a potent time for letting go of things. For you, letting go of things will also feel like a rebirth. With Mars and Venus residing in your sign, the full moon’s emotional depth will be extra intense. Purge away everything that’s being an obstacle from reaching your deepest desires and truth.


The time has come to make your relationships a bit more passionate. If you are about to make a commitment, romantic or otherwise, make sure to have authenticity, zeal, and enthusiasm behind it. There will be a lot of space for growth and excitement if you are loving and honest about your relationship’s true terms.


The stage will be set for various surprises for you. So do not get shocked when some plans fall behind schedule and you have to make spontaneous adjustments to the itinerary. Let yourself work in synchronicity with the will of the universe. Anything can happen as a result.

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