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This Is How To Navigate Pisces Season With Ease

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by Conscious Reminder

Pisces, the watery psychic sign depends heavily on intuition to find its way in the world.

As such, you can expect this season, which usually starts on Feb 18th and ends on Mar 20th, to push you to listen to your intuition and spiritual self more.

Pisces is also the final sign in the zodiac cycle. So, this season is also related to taking a comprehensive look at everything learned during the previous year.

Since the sign is mutable, it also presents a chance to get in touch with our inners and confront our shadow selves. This makes the season ideal for embracing and celebrating our sensitive side.

Pisces’ sixth sense lets them see the realm beyond our physical one. If you have found yourself daydreaming more often now, then it is likely because of this season. Make full use of it by setting aside time for dream work and quiet reflection.

Pisces season 2022 starts on Feb 18th. It will end on Mar 20th, when the Sun exits the sign to enter Aries. It will also signify the start of a new astrological year.

The Effect Of Pisces Season

Traditionally, Jupiter, which symbolizes abundance and luck, rules Jupiter. So one expectation is that the season brings a ton of optimism with it. On the other hand, modern astrology says Neptune is the sign’s ruler.

This planet’s elusive and dreamy traits are a veritable all-clear to get rid of practicality and just daydream. The season is ideal for shaking the restraints off and remembering that sometimes romanticizing our lives is OK.

Additionally, Pisces signals winter’s end, with the spring equinox coming up. As such, the focus remains on release and completion. The best method of spending this season will be to try doing something with your most unrealistic and biggest ambition.

But, at the same time, it is essential that reality and fantasy are balanced. Mirages and deception are very common during this season.

Effect On Friendships

Pisces stands for emotional intuition, and Pisces people are masters at inducing nostalgia. We might find ourselves a bit more sentimental than usual during this season. That’s why it is the perfect time to show your friends how thankful you are.

For the signs that are less affectionate, don’t get freaked out by Pisces’ emotional caliber. Rather, you just have to keep some space and be a listener. This season is an open invitation to have compassionate and heartfelt conversations with our loved ones.

Effect On Relationships

Pisces leans towards the romantic, so you might feel especially gushy regarding relationships. The season also invites us to show our vulnerabilities during romance.

So bare your heart when conversations regarding deal-breakers, the future, and the true meaning of relationships come up. Since elusive Neptune rules the sign, you should not set unrealistic standards or over-romanticize the relationship.

On the other hand, Pisces’ preference to daydream may make it feel like the relationship’s strength is fading. However, come Aries season, the passionate spark should return.

Effect On Career

This season is fantastic when it comes to assessing our professional lives and adjusting the things that are not up to our expectations.

The sign’s traditional ruler, Jupiter, governs expansions and growth. So if you don’t like your current career trajectory, then this season might be the chance to change the track.

Fortunately, the 2022 Pisces season also features some positive transits. On March 18th, Mars, Pluto, and the moon will form an auspicious trine in earth signs.

This formation will amplify each other’s energies and reveal an energetic portal that will let us make strategic career moves that will increase our wealth.

On the other hand, Pisces season can make us feel sluggish. So remember to set that alarm clock!

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