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4 Ways To Heal Your Root Chakra: Feel Stable, Safe, And Grounded

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by Conscious Reminder

Some of our most essential and inherent desires as living beings are stability, security, and safety.

However, it is not easy to achieve the required feeling of belonging and centeredness. One can have all the material comforts in the world but still, feel unstable and insecure deep down.

The reason is that physical experience only accounts for one-half of feeling secure. The other half is related to our spirituality, in the form of the Root Chakra.

Our physical connection and stability are centered in the Root Chakra. It is situated at our tailbone’s base and is one of our energetic foundations.

Feeling dizzy, anxious, or nervous is a common sign that the chakra is not aligned correctly. As such, healing and activating this Chakra is essential to feel seen, safe, and supported regardless of our circumstances.

Here are 4 easy methods that will help in opening and balancing the Root Chakra:

1. Get Involved With Nature

How long has it been since you truly connected with Mother Earth? Most of us are always busy trying to balance friends, family, work, and self-care and maintaining all of them at a healthy level. But this usually means that we do not spend much time in the embrace of Nature.

So, spend some time regularly and go outside to get yourself more grounded. The method can be anything you prefer. It can be something very simple like strolling through a park or spending some time practicing yoga or meditating in the grass. The feeling of centeredness and calmness after these sessions spent in Nature will surprise you.

2. Make Earth A Part Of Your Home

It is not possible to always be outdoors and bask in Nature. For times like that, you may bring Mother Nature inside your home. While decorating any rooms or spaces indoors like the meditation space or bedroom, be intentional about ground and centering surrounding vibrations.

This can be done using gemstones, plants, or other spiritual instruments that make you feel stable and protected. You can even enhance your spiritual instruments by building an altar for the Root Chakra. This will have things symbolizing the connection with the Earth.

3. Healing Gems

There are several excellent gems that can be used for opening the Root Chakra. Some very popular ones are red aventurine, red jasper, onyx, jet, and black tourmaline.

These stones can be incorporated into healing or meditation work, used to build a crystal grid for the Root Chakra, or just placed inside an altar. It will stabilize the energy in that space. Another thing you can try out is wearing stones in the form of crystal jewelry. This will let you harness the stones’ healing magic no matter where you are.

4. Speak Grounding Affirmations

Affirmations are one of the quickest ways of shifting vibrations. Simply jot down and memorize 2 to 3 grounding affirmations just for you that you can come back to whenever you feel the need to ground and center your energy.

Here is an example to help you get started: “I am safe in my body and in this life. With reverence and gratitude, I accept and use Earth’s resources. I honor my physical form in equal proportion to my Spirit.

In Conclusion

Your Root Chakra is, spiritually, the root of your entire existence. Caring for this particular energy center is a way of providing yourself with the stability and nourishment needed to thrive.

Regardless of the challenges in your way, always remember that the safe, secure, and belonging home is always inside you, available for access.

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