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Gathering Wisdom From Master Yoda

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Master Yoda is one of my favorite made-up characters of all time!

I was obsessed with him few years back and I even made jokes using his type of “wrapping” words around. When we give time to a thing they subside so as my jokes. What stayed was his wisdom shared thorough the movies of Star Wars. Little Green teacher Master Yoda sharing his wisdom with wrapping words that tutored us in some ways, at least it tutored me.

One of many Master Yoda quotes that had impact on my real life was the one about present time:

“This one a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away… to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was. Hmm? What he was doing”

Although its pity to say that I’m right here at the moment all the time (let’s be honest), but this quote developed my brain in very positive direction. We all know that we need to be RIGHT HERE all the time but we cannot really turn off the mind and deplete it from its wonders.

However, we can steal Master Yoda wisdom and we can use it in a positive way. My personal tactic when I start to wander excessively is that this green guy comes to my thoughts and repeats the quote I recently mentioned. It helps me restore my right-hereness immediately.

“Must not you be there, must you be here” I add sometimes (I have to confess).

The second positive wisdom by Master Yoda is the quote on beliefs “Luke: I can’t believe it” Master Yoda responded on this “That is why you fail”

Can you feel the originality of this quote? It’s so obvious that if you believe it you can achieve it. There is no other way around success. It’s the hardest thing to enlarge the belief that you MUST believe it if you want to achieve it. It impresses me how does the brain function impede this from happening.

The things and stuff are so simple, but we have to complicate them to make them hard to grasp. That’s the way it was and that’s the way it will stay, at least we awake the simplicity in the surrounding.

The third quote by Master Yoda that touched my echo was the one on fear:

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

Grasping directly the insight of this quote, we can see that Fear leads to suffering. Few months back I finished one course on Fear and on overall life obstacles that block our path to success. The one on fear was that we actually need to ATTACK the fear.

There was one funny, but honest example in the course sheet. You see an angry dog on the stairs that lead to your bedroom and you are really exhausted, you just want to sleep. If you want to go upstairs you MUST attack that angry dog no matter how ridiculous that sounds. At least you want to suffer and sleep on the couch downstairs (joking).

The last one that hit right in the center of my heart coming from Master Yoda was the one on determination:

“Try not. Do or do not. There is no try”

This changed my life, literally. I have started so many things in my life and forfeited from them, that I got lost. I could barely answer the question “WHO ARE YOU?”

I started this blog and I wanted to share the awareness of how important is to stay motivated and informed about everyday things we are surrounded with.

Every damn thing has hard moments. I thought that blogging is really straight, just adding some texts and go live your life by lying on the sofa and drinking cosmopolitans. If Master Yoda was alive and existed in the reality he would say to me “You must lie not to yourself”

I cannot say that is hard because it’s not. The reason it’s not hard is because I love doing this and I jump every obstacle with pride. I found my passion here and thanks to Master Yoda I’m not depleting it.

I hope this guy triggers your passion in some way and may his wisdom curve your actions.


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