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Mercury Is Finally Out Of Retrograde—Here’s How To Make The Most Of It

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At MyDomaine, we want to prepare you for all of life’s challenges, and what better way to do that than by getting some foresight from the stars? Each month, we’ll be bringing you your horoscope along with a power product to help you get through the month, handpicked by our resident horoscope expert, Amelia Quint. If you’re changing careers, moving into a new home, or getting married, consider yourself in good hands. Ahead, Quint shares what to expect this month—and what you’ll need to get through it.

This month, we’re transitioning from Taurus to Gemini. As an earth sign, Taurus loves things it can feel, like cash, excellent food, and wine, and opportunities for hands-on experience. On the other hand, Gemini is an air sign, meaning it’s associated with the mind and fresh ideas. So as we transition from Taurus to Gemini this month, your concrete plans take flight. Anything you can dream up, you can do! You just have to suspend your disbelief long enough for your grand plans to get off the ground.

After last month’s four retrogrades, that could seem like an impossible task. Don’t give up! The month starts out with Mercury direct in Aries on May 3, refueling your passion and reminding you what you loved most about your projects in the first place. Mercury gets a boost from electric Uranus on May 10, the same day as a sexy full moon in Scorpio! Your imagination kicks into overdrive, setting a romantic mood for the rest of the week. By the time Mercury slips into sensual Taurus on May 15, you’ll be ready to seduce the object of your desire, whether that’s a career goal or a dreamy new lover.

During the second half of May, things get serious. On May 19, career-minded Saturn in Sagittarius aligns with visionary Uranus in Aries to catapult you out of any comfortable rut relating to your job. The sun enters Gemini the following day, inspiring you to try a few totally new things. Finally, a Gemini new moon on May 25 could be the cosmic rebrand you’ve been waiting for. The stars are aligned for you to tell a new story!


If you’ve been feeling like you can’t keep anything straight, Mercury direct in your sign from May 3 smooths things over. Suddenly you’re a little less absent-minded and way more motivated to investigate the things that excite you. That’s especially true under the Scorpio full moon on May 10 when something you’ve been hoping for in secret comes out of hiding. That same day, clever Mercury aligns with rebellious Uranus in your sign to help you come up with a genius solution to a tough problem you’ve been grappling with. Even better, you’re poised to profit from your breakthrough when Mercury slips into your money zone a few days later. Your winning streak continues as Saturn in your study sector aligns with Uranus in your sign on May 19 to help you ace a test. By the time the new moon lands in Gemini on May 25, you’ll be ready to share your success story with anyone who will listen. Three cheers for you, Aries!

Your Power Product: Bar tools—use them to make yourself the perfect post-achievement cocktail, and don’t be afraid to mix a few for your friends too!


Feeling like you’ve been lost in your imagination for the last few weeks? Blame Mercury retrograde in your dreamy twelfth house for the flighty vibes. Mercury direct on May 3 brings you back to earth and helps you shake off any lingering confusion. It feels good to be in your element again, doesn’t it, Taurus? You’ll feel even better once Mercury enters your sign on May 15, flooding your mind with inspiration and getting you back into circulation with your favorite groups. Under the full moon in Scorpio, you get news about a partner that could be a major revelation. Will it be a declaration of love or a deal-breaker? You’ll find out soon enough. Luckily, a lucrative opportunity pops up on May 25 to distract you from any drama. Stay focused on your money, and you’ll end this much much better (and possibly richer) than you started it!

Your Power Product: A cardholder. The way you keep your money should represent your financial goals, so give them a luxe new home.


If the last few weeks have taught you anything, it’s that there can be such a thing as being too popular. Mercury (your patron planet) retrograde through your friendship and groups zone has been a scheduling nightmare, and you may have miffed a few people in the process. Lucky for you, Mercury direct on May 3 gets you back on track and into everyone’s good graces! Uranus joins forces with Mercury on May 10 to deliver a collaborative idea that could propel you even further. That same day, a Scorpio full moon illuminates where you could afford to streamline things as it relates to your habits and health. Start with external improvements like better exercise and skincare, then shift your focus inward when Mercury slides into your spiritual sector on May 15. By the time the sun enters your sign on May 20, you’ll be radiant as ever! Under the new moon in Gemini, your look could use an update. Any style or beauty changes you make now are in accordance with who you really want to be.

Your Power Product: A houseplant or two. Thanks to their air-cleaning properties, they’re great for your body and your mind.


Mercury retrograde always sucks, but it’s even worse when you have to put career plans on ice due to miscommunications and other delays. Fortunately, the worst is over, and Mercury direct on May 3 revives any projects that need a burst of new life. You can see the big picture again, and your future looks bright, especially when Mercury links with insightful Uranus on May 10. That same day, a full moon in Scorpio puts your creativity in the spotlight, whether in the form of an artistic work or something that otherwise flaunts your inimitable style. Once the sun enters your spirituality zone on May 20, you’ll be ready to delve into your imagination to dream up new artistic ideas once again. Under the Gemini new moon on May 25, take full advantage of the inspiration available to you. Listen to what movies, conversations, and images have to say. See a pattern yet? Once you do, write it down. That’s where the gold is this month, Cancer.

Your Power Product: Paintbrushes. Use them to experiment with new artistic mediums, or paint your face with them if you’re a beauty lover. It is festival season, after all!


With Mercury retrograde in your expansion sector for most of April, you could be suffering from some pretty serious burnout. Luckily, Mercury direct on May 3 balances things out and allows you to manage your expectations. Under the Scorpio full moon on May 10, your emotions take center stage. If you’ve been trying to keep something under wraps, there’s no hiding it now! Let the tears flow if you need to. No one’s judging you, we promise. You get the urge to test your limits again when Saturn in your pleasure zone links up with Uranus in your adventure sector on May 19. The key to making this work? Boundaries. Give yourself a safe word or a time limit, and stick to it. Once the sun enters your friendship zone on May 20, your crew steps in to support you. Under the Gemini new moon, let your loved ones know how much you care. It’s a great day for a day trip, so mark your calendar!

Your Power Product: Thank you notes. There’s nothing like a handwritten thank you to let your friends, colleagues, and mentors know you care.


If April was all about cleaning out your psychic closet, then May is when you restock your inner wardrobe. Last month’s Mercury retrograde helped you clear out baggage from deep within your psyche, and after Mercury goes direct on May 3, you feel lighter than ever. When shocking Uranus links up with Mercury on May 10, you’re finally ready to make a clean break with the past. The full moon in Scorpio highlights your self-expression zone that same day, so don’t be afraid to air what other people might see as dirty laundry. Choosing which secrets you tell can be a form of power! By the time Mercury activates your adventure zone on May 15, you’re dying to shake up your routine with a sensual new experience, from hot yoga to an extra-spicy dinner. At the end of the month, the new moon in Gemini hits the reset button on your career. If there’s something you’ve been thinking of adding to your résumé, join a class or start networking because that’s when you’ll finally be able to make it a reality!

Your Power Product: Closet organizers. From wooden shelves to velvet hangers, there’s no reason why the inside of your closet shouldn’t be as lovely as the clothes you store inside it!


If you and your S. O. have been fighting like cats and dogs, this month restores the relationship balance. Blame the tension (and not the good kind) on Mercury retrograde in your partnership zone for the last three weeks. Luckily, all that subsides with Mercury direct on May 3 and you can go back to the honeymoon phase. Trust us, by the time Mercury slips into your—ahem—intimacy zone on May 15, you’ll be ready to make up and then some. The Scorpio full moon in your value sector amplifies your sex appeal and boosts your confidence. You know how much you’re worth, and everyone else admires you for it. Even better, under the Gemini new moon on May 25, you feel brazen enough to embark on a totally new journey. Whether you visit a new country or just expand your personal philosophy, life feels just a little bit bigger once you accept this opportunity.

Your Power Product: Aphrodisiacs. If it’s adventure you’re after, these libido-boosting foods will spice up more than just your plate.


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger has definitely been your battle cry for the last three weeks, as Mercury retrograde in your everyday routine zone has pushed your patience to its limits. On May 3, Mercury direct sets things right again, and you begin to feel a little more like yourself for the first time in a while. Even better, Mercury joins forces with genius Uranus on May 10 to shock your daily grind back into proper rhythm. Treat yourself to a spa day to help relax into a normal pace and let go of some of the frenetic energy. On May 10, the full moon in your sign puts you in the spotlight. You may be secretive by nature, but try to enjoy being the name on everybody’s lips for now. Remember, popularity can be a form of power, and that’s what Scorpios love most! By the end of the month, a Gemini new moon in your taboo sector emboldens you to make a super-secret fantasy a reality. Don’t hold back, Scorpio.

Your Power Product: Playing cards. Put your popularity to good use and throw a party, old-school entertainment included.


With Mercury direct in your pleasure sector for the last few weeks, you’ve probably felt like someone drained all the fun out of your life. Fortunately, all that ends with Mercury direct on May 3! You get to start all over in the romance department, and you also get to experience your favorite simple delights with a renewed appreciation for their existence. Savor them! On May 10, a Scorpio full moon in your mystical twelfth house brings fated connections, spiritual insights, and new creative ideas. If you’re interested in starting a spiritual practice of your own, this is a great time to begin or renew your dedication to living a magical life. Later, Saturn in your sign links up with Uranus to remind you to play. Saturn’s been bearing down on you since September 2015, and if you’ve learned anything from the experience, it’s to enjoy the good times while they last. Finally, a new moon in Gemini on May 25 marks a fresh start for you and your ride-or-dies, be they romantic partners, business associates, or best friends.

Your Power Product: A healing plant facial. Put Saturn on hold while you relax with a steam or cooling cilantro mask.


What does home mean to you, Capricorn? You probably have a much better idea of that now than you did three weeks ago when Mercury retrograde first started in your fourth house of the place where you live, your ancestry, and your psyche. Whether you’ve been dealing with an identity crisis or just a leaky faucet, Mercury direct on May 3 helps you fix whatever needs fixing. Under the Scorpio full moon on May 10, your dearest friends show up to support you. Thank them by showing them a good time! Maybe a housewarming party is in order? Even better, Saturn in your dreams sector gets support from Uranus in your fourth house, so a long-held dream regarding your living situation or family (including the people in your life who feel like family) could come true. On May 25, a new moon in your health and habits sector helps you establish a new routine. If you work this right, you’ll certainly be fitter, happier, and more productive afterward.

Your Power Product: A planter. Give your abode some curb appeal with a beautiful potted garden full of vibrant blooms.


As the zodiac’s “cool girl,” you’re never short on invitations. But what do you do when you’ve double-booked every slot on your agenda and you still can’t fit it all in? Mercury retrograde in your networking sector over the past three weeks has taught you plenty about prioritizing the people you love, admire, and want to emulate over obligatory stuff. Luckily, Mercury direct on May 3 removes some of the social strain and helps you put those hard-earned lessons into action. You’re going to need all the help you can get when the Scorpio full moon on May 10 propels your career in the spotlight. Uranus (your patron planet) aligns with Mercury that same day to reinforce the importance of being selective with your time and energy. By the time Saturn in your goals sector joins forces with Uranus on May 19, you’ll be a pro at knowing who to let into your circle and who to kick to the curb. Under the Gemini new moon on May 25, reward yourself for a job well done. Treat yourself, and watch the creative insights rise to the surface. It’s a positive cycle!

Your Power Product: A record player. Good music can get you into the right state of mind for any occasion, no matter how busy you may be. Plus, it makes a great addition to any party!


This is a relatively quiet month for you, Pisces, so enjoy it while you can! As the sign of rest, you need more time and space to regenerate than the other signs. This is especially important now after a trying three weeks of Mercury retrograde through your worth zone. Both your net worth and your self-worth have taken hits, and you’ll want to be gentle with yourself until you can restore them to full capacity. After Mercury direct on May 3, you can begin the healing process. Mark May 10 on your calendar because when Uranus links up with Mercury that day, you could get a seriously profitable idea. That same day, a full moon in Scorpio puts your personal philosophy in the spotlight. What comes next hinges on your ability to have faith in yourself and believe in your ability to accomplish the things you want to get done. If you’re hanging onto a limiting belief, cut it loose now. Once the Gemini new moon hits the sky on May 25, you’ll have an emotional clean slate. Let yourself express your feelings however you need to, and move on with no regrets. It really is now or never, Pisces.

Your Power Product: A throw pillow. While you’re resting, you may as well look beautiful doing it! Find something that’s as comfortable as it is eye-catching.

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