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Gemini Season Is Almost Here And The Skies Are Going To Be Busy

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by Conscious Reminder

The Gemini Season of 2021 is scheduled to start on 20th May. This season will experience 3 retrogrades, one Super Eclipse Blood Moon, the 2nd of 3 Uranus Saturn Squares, and one Solar Eclipse.

These potent cosmic alignments will turn Gemini Season into a time for change, reflection, renewal, and growth. Gemini represents twins who are mortal and immortal. Hence, this season will harness the dual perspective.

The Gemini Season will certainly bring good opportunities for spiritual improvement and reconnect us to our inner world. Keep reading to know the impact of the significant events on your life.

20th May – Pleiades Portal/Sun Enters Gemini

The Sun is prepared to arrive in Gemini on 20/21st May which coincides with the peak time of Pleiades Portal. It is considered to be the shelter for advanced aliens. We can gain access to Pleiadean wisdom during this portal phase much easily.

23rd May – Saturn Retrograde

The annual retrograde of Saturn is here that encourages us to revisit the events of September 2020. We are asked to reflect upon our decisions and take responsibility for them. This retrograde of Saturn is seen as the perfect time to practice patience followed by taking accountability for past actions. Saturn retrograde will help to resolve issues with patience and illuminate new information.

26th May – Sagittarius Super Full Blood Moon Eclipse

This event is a Super Moon as well as a complete Lunar Eclipse. It is both extra powerful and rare. Super Moons represent a closer position of the Moon to the Earth, suggesting energetic impacts to be stronger. Additionally, a complete Lunar Eclipse develops a reddish hue that is known to be Blood Moon. This time is ideal for transformation.

We might feel ourselves traveling through a symbolic process. This would involve death followed by re-birth or quick sudden changes that motivate us to grow and adapt. Although Eclipse energy is intense, we will certainly feel dark and deep emotions. Moreover, there is supportive and gentle energy flowing simultaneously.

29th May – Mercury Retrograde

This the 2nd retrograde of Mercury in 2021 that characterizes the time to stop. While the Eclipse energy is rolling, it might be a good idea to take a break from work and ponder on existing things.

2nd June – Venus In Cancer

Cancer is a very intuitive and watery sign that will see the arrival of Venus. This planetary movement will stir our sensitivity and make us connected to the more pure feelings. These true feelings will guide us towards better things.

10th June – Gemini Solar Eclipse New Moon

Usually, Eclipses occur in pairs, indicating this to be the 2nd Eclipse in Gemini Season. It will act as the doorway to an elevated and new state of consciousness. We must take time to understand things before jumping to conclusions. This Eclipse is perfect to gain control over our mind and then expand it with abundant and free-thinking.

11th June – Mars In Leo

Mars is moving into Leo and will definitely make very active and creative energy. Amid the Eclipse energy, Mars will bring some relief.

14th June – Saturn Square Uranus

This event is extremely important although Saturn will be in retrograde. It will witness some enthusiastic expression and direct us in the path of patience and reflection. This is the 2nd square after 17th February.

20th June – Jupiter Retrograde

The Sun is now getting ready to exit Gemini and Enter Cancer that gives us 4 important planetary retrogrades, including Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn. This gives us a preview of the cosmic skies slowing down and reflecting. The Jupiter retrograde will increase the cusp of Pisces and Aquarius.

20/21st June – June Solstice

The Sun will move into Cancer after the Gemini Season ends. This signifies June Solstice that ushers the longest day in the year across the northern hemisphere. On the other hand, it makes the shortest day in the southern part. The Solstice is considered to be sacred time and the Earth’s energy lines are very active.

With several opportunities up ahead, we must prepare ourselves for the Gemini Season. We must have our perspectives clear before we make changes to help us grow.

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