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Best Way To Deal With The Pain Your Twin Flame Is Causing You

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by Conscious Reminder

The pain of Twin Flames is so complicated and deep-rooted, that people going through it too, can’t explain.

Contrary to popular belief, a Twin Flame relationship isn’t all sunshine and daisies and actually gets quite problematic at times.

Most people might think that the pain that comes is a result of someone chasing you, or you doing the chasing. But that just isn’t true.

What Is The Pain

Unlike every other pain that we feel in relationships, this pain is constructive. While separating, one always comes across different issues that threaten to turn your honeymoon phase into a period of crisis.

Goes without saying that this period of time will see you trying to go through with the pain and live, all the while taking time to understand the issue better to deal with it. In some occasions, you will empathize with their pain, while on other occasions, it’ll be them who puts you in pain.

Either way, the suffering that you will face, will be mirrored by your partner. Your partner and you will have to work together in order to get rid of the pain and the trauma that comes with it.

What one needs to understand is that their partner is never the source of the trouble. They are simply the target of your misguided anger. It is your wounds from years gone by, that have resurfaced to hurt you again.

With the connection that you share with your Twin Flame, it is obvious that a bit of your past will come through and hurt you even deeper.

While it turns into blame game and anger, you must realize that the resurfacing of old wounds would actually help your relationship grow.

When you finally face your past and conquer them truly, it gives you the ability to take and elevate your relationship to a higher level altogether.

But, we are all human, and it is pretty clear that anger and blame will find its way through the folds of human relationship. Just keep in mind, that misguided anger towards your partner will ultimately harm you at the end of it all.

Sharing The Blame

Since, the relationship you share with your Twin Flame is primarily an energy one, any emotion or strong feeling that you send through, would affect you too in the end. It is because the auras of both individuals have quite a good effect on each other.

To put it simply, you would be the toxic one in your relationship if you keep on adding negativities into your relationship, by placing misguided blame on your partner. Due to the nature of your relationship, it’ll come back to haunt you.

And, what is the purpose of it all? You blaming them for everything wrong in your life isn’t going to either change your lot in life or make you feel really good about it. Your purpose on earth is to attain ascension with the help of your Twin Flame.

The power of your energetic connection needs to be used for the good, and not the bad. Understand that they are going through the pain too- it isn’t just you who is suffering. The hurt, the pain belongs to both of you.


The most common symptoms for pain in a Twin Flame relationship are-

  •  Depression
  •  Tension regarding your future
  •  Shock to the Soul
  •  Past problems haunting you
  •  Unwanted interactions with people from yesteryears
  •  OCD, and other such behavioral patterns
  •  Jealousy of losing one’s partner
  •  Paranoia

Goes without saying, if you don’t alleviate these problems, they will simply be hurting you time and again.

Dealing With Pain

While half of the problem is in understanding it, you also need to face and win against it every single day. Not only do you need to know what the problem is, but you also have to give a thought as to how you would deal with it.

As they say, prevention is better than cure, so try to maintain a very healthy relationship, which includes communication, and a spiritual outlook towards life. Take time out of your busy schedule to sit with your partner and see if any problems, recurring or otherwise, are cropping up or not.

The advantage of this is that anyone with limited communication skills would find it safe to talk about their problems, and conquer them, given that it is conducted in a safe, healthy space.

But, what happens when you can’t prevent it? You have to deal with it, don’t you? So, before anything, you need to ensure that your aura is healed, and your energy is cleansed.

You need to ensure that there are no blockages in your chakras, and there is no build-up in negative energy. Only that would prevent trauma from coming up yet again.

Talk to your partner about participating in it too, but don’t force it on them. You forcing them to deal with something through your way is obviously going to push them away.

You need to let go a little, just enough that they understand what you are telling them and why, and ask them to think of solutions to the problem itself.

Step back, and be there for them to deal with their own pain. It is hard, we know, trying to wait while you yourself are in pain.

Yet, for the sake of your partner, for the sake of your relationship, you need to take up steps to ensure that you aren’t jumping onto the wrong trap.

Let them heal at their own pace, let them find out the problems themselves. Be patient, for that would serve you well in life.

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