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Tonight’s Virgo Full Moon Prompts A Powerful Emotional Purge

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by Conscious Reminder

Get ready for some serious clean-up because the upcoming full moon on March 18th is going to have you thoroughly look over every recent event.

It will make you check the debris, the damage, as well as how the boundaries have shifted. Of course, it will also suggest tonics and medicines and what you need to do next.

This Moon is usually driven by reason and resistant to emotion. It evaluates practicalities critically with a discerning view as to how they can be better. This is useful for a passing phase of the moon and, especially, right after an intense event.

Purge And Release

However, this full moon is unique in its appearance. Visually, it is alone forming what is known as a “bucket” pattern. The handle of that bucket is the moon and we will have to use it to carry everything else.

Moreover, half of the contents of that bucket have to do with water – 4 heavenly bodies are in Pisces. These include both the Moon as well as the Sun, and the ruler of the mind Mercury. They are set to aggrandize emotions, blur boundaries, and push the non-rations to their extremes.

This time around the Moon is not characteristically sensitive. Rather, it is deliberative and logical. On the other hand, the usually logical Sun will be filled with emotions.

The fog in the cosmos will muffle our intellects with escapism, delusion, sorrow, compassion, and fantasy. As a result, empathy, codependency, and telepathy are going to be flowing freely because of Mercury’s presence in Pisces.

The lunation may feel overwhelming at times, but it will also bring the energies required to deal with that feeling. When everything reaches the climax, the Moon will be ready to clean up the aftermath and overflow.

Additionally, there will be several lunar allies intensifying and focusing on a Full Moon’s inherent releasing properties.

Several Influential Aspects

The perfect trine with Pluto being formed by this lunation will heighten the drama and make the cleaning deeper. Similar to the Lunar Taurus eclipse in November, the two energies will be aligning without any obstacles.

We are still emotionally processing the events from November. However, critical thinking and objectivity have made changes on a deep level both collectively and individually.

Cutting, cleaning, and throwing something out is an organic and natural process. This is a very beneficial process so implement it as much as you can. Use the full moon to reassess boundaries as well as get rid of unhealthy situations.

The process promises to be evolutionary and appears to be fated. The trine with Pluto involves the moon’s north node – the one symbolizing our path forward. As such, cleaning our emotional house is not only lightening us but also moving us.

However, be on the lookout for sudden bursts of firepower amidst all the clearing and logic. Venus and Chiron are forming a sextile in Aries.

This chance aspect is opening doors for neutralization or forming new arrangements, regarding wounds suffered from leading, isolation, a lack of delegation, as well as the masculine.

The sextile may be a chance to bridge the feminine and the masculine. It will be a bold encouragement to work together for the progressive or communal good.

You may, of course, opt to not take the offer of the sextile. However, the full moon in Virgo’s clean-up vibes will be assisted by the square aspect between Uranus and Venus, the next day.

This aspect’s impact will shake up major losses and unleash disruptions, breakthroughs, and breakups. Friendships may be heavily affected if a sorting hat of the cosmos is working to reassign allegiances.

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