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Full Beaver Moon Rising In Gemini On November 23rd: Show More Flexibility

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by Conscious Reminder

We can make this Thanksgiving special. This 23rd of November, the Full Moon will appear and settle in Gemini. That means, the Full Moon will be blessing for us during Thanksgiving Day.

This is amazing especially if we could understand the significance of November’s Full Moon. According to tradition, this moon was called the Beaver Moon. Native American folklore gives us different reasons why they had given such a name to it.

It was the time to set up beaver traps before the winter froze the water bodies. National Geographic claims this name could suggest that beavers had begun building their winter dams during this period.

So, what could this mean for us?

Bringing the change within

Winter is coming and like the beavers we should start preparing ourselves. The Beaver Moon offers versatility and gives us a difficult choice – do we wish to act for the future and change or do we live in the past and stagnate.

The messenger god Mercury rules this lunation. So as we approach the end, Mercury delivers us with whatever we need to propel us into the future. The choice of course is with us. Maybe it’s time we let go. The planet’s energy is clearly telling us to move on. And it’s really all right to let the past be.

It can’t be changed so why worry about it? As Kennedy once said – time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life. Extremely powerful words from our former president. So let’s not close ourselves to new ideas and resist change.

It’s high time we become a little more flexible. The Beaver Moon wants us to prepare for the winter by first leaving behind our broken dreams and old habits that keep us from moving ahead.

Building up those emotional reserves

For the seasonal change, we have to build our spiritual muscles and tackle the winter completely. So, let’s look inside: what might be draining out our spiritual reserves? Let’s make some dams like the beavers and trap our spiritual energies within us.

We need their warmth and comfort and this cannot be done until we make an attempt to protect it. Practice spiritual protection daily. Fortify your inner self from anything that drains away the spiritual energy.

If you allow yourself to work with God’s White Light, every part of you will be protected. Nothing can harm you and you’ll be spiritually enriched all the time.

A Promise of the past

The New Moon began with a promise and set up a course for a fulfilling future. The Full Moon brings the culmination of this promising journey. With the Beaver moon, this will be an emotional one. There can be fruitfulness in relationships, fertilization and romance.

You’ll feel amazingly romantic during this time. But most of all, this Moon brings ‘introspection’. The Full Moon is bright, and it sheds its light on our inner selves, bringing a sense of illumination in all our lives. You might even get overwhelmed with the different kinds of emotions that start ruling your mind.

Don’t let it consume you. Talk, let it all out of your system, express yourself. It’ll make it a lot easier for you. But don’t give too much significance into whatever you’re expressing. You are too emotional right now, and whatever comes out of you at this moment is not completely rational.

Other activities in the sky

On 18th November, the Leonid Meteor shower will be reaching its peak. Annual showers take place when the earth passes through a leftover debris of comets and asteroid. Gaze at the sky and you might spot some shooting stars each night from November 15th to November 20th. Get your wishes ready!

The celestial activities this November promises change. It’s up to you whether you accept it or not. I know change can be intimidating, but we can make it beautiful too. At least, when it’s happening to fulfill our individual prophecy or destiny. Let’s get what is our birthright!

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