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How The Powerful Black Tourmaline Brings Spiritual Healing To You

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by Conscious Reminder

Black Tourmaline has been often referred to as a magical supportive stone. It helps to purify you from within and cleanse your body from anxiety and negative self-worth.

If you wish to overcome any feeling of substance abuse or feel less suicidal, then Black Tourmaline will help you. It helps to prevent any build-up of compulsive behavior and in releasing any kind of chronic worries.

The stone has been known to bring vitality and lower feeling of tension within you. Stress is an important issue in many people – they wish to see the world in an objective manner.

Rationality should be the way you direct your life forward. Black Tourmaline brings rationality within you but it also shows you why you need to be altruistic and have an overall positive attitude as well.

Chakra Healing

Black Tourmaline brings your Chakras to a balance. It has immense grounding energy which settles on your Base Chakra and grounds you to the Earth’s center.

The Root Chakra’s present on the base of our spine and helps in controlling the movements present in our base level.

If you are suffering from a lack of enthusiasm and need to stimulate yourself, then Black Tourmaline can be your ultimate stimulant.

It helps in balancing out the energy levels and thus, brings you down to the ground where you can feel more in connection with reality rather than fantasy.

Your stamina will be rekindled and you will form a sense of leadership in your mind. This spiritual energy will ground you and make you feel wholesome.

The grounding energy of Black Tourmaline is bringing the power of Light in your life. It wishes to draw as much power from light energy and keep you as radiant as possible.

Hence, even in your darkest of times, you will find yourself as one with the Light and with the universal love present within you.

If you have a wand made out of Natural Tourmaline, then consider yourself lucky. They have a high electrical capacity which helps in clearing up your aura and brings you above physical laws. It helps in healing of your mind and body.

The Light helps in clearing up blockages and removing any kind of negative energy influences. If you place it at your feet or knees, it can help in directing negative energy away from your body.

It can also help to bring energy to the Base Chakra and balance the meridians of your physical energies with your spiritual ones.

So, bring Black Tourmaline and push your spiritual energy into a new and higher realm.

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