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Finding Your True Self: Trust The Universe, Trust The Soul, Trust The Process

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The space of Unknown is perhaps the most difficult space to be in. It is where we are lost and have no sense of direction. But this situation is not always so.

The life shows us all. Sometimes we travel on the lucent path where everything is clear and we know our purpose well. Other times our vision is obscured by the dense fog but we are able to surge ahead with the help of the hazy outlines that we manage to see.

But there are times when we get stuck in the pouch darkness. Where we are directionless and have no sense of purpose. We have to work out like a mouse, relying on the other senses rather than just our vision. It is under these circumstances that we revert back to all the trusts.

Trust the universe, trust the soul, trust the process etc.

But the problem is that trust is very hard to achieve when our vision is bad. We are troubled by the fact that we cannot see any evidence of being fine for the day. Thus we look for answers inside ourselves, we try to find the truth of silence.

I know a friend of mine who remained in the unknown for about 2 months. Her life underwent massive transformation. She shifted after her soul calling and found new purpose in life. She stopped her private job and started her own company. Her phase with the unknown pushed her to find herself again.

She was like a lost sheep in the vast jungle; running here and there frantically. She was just trying to find the right direction.

I have also been in the space of unknown and I have been there many times. What I have learned from my visits there is that when we trust the process, we are not ruling out the chances of having our own sets of doubts. This means that we learn to not to give up on ourselves.

From this dark space we are able to get raw material, material that we can try and know about our needs. We land that stability and creation can be constructed out of chaos.

But Along with these many questions arise such as, ‘Who will I have after about 1 year?’ ‘Who will I be in the future?’ ‘What are things around me?’

The answer to these questions is not even available for me. Even with all the intuitive powers I have, I am unable to get any clue about them.

But even with so many unknowns and the discomfort caused by them, I know that peace can only be promoted by embracing the life as it is. We must trust our truth, trust our calling and trust our heart. And believe me, if you’ll trust, you’ll be where you want in just maximum 7 days.

The wilderness that we are stuck in can only be dealt with a vision, the vision of having an open heart. An open heart is sure to lead all the ways that we take towards home.

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