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When You Get The Chance To Let Go, Just Do It

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by Conscious Reminder

The life of every person is filled with many opportunities to let go, which reveal themselves in various forms, places, and times.

Such opportunities to let go are actually the moments when you are faced with a choice to connect, breathe, and then let go, or also to construct your breathing, then disconnect, and finally hold back.

Some of them will manifest as politics, leaky roofs, environmental problems, disagreements, and other different things. Some of the will come in times of guilt, blame, and shame. They are inspiring, motivating, they gladden, madden, sadden, or even scare you when those choices you make can definitely change your life.

However, what will happen when you will respond to such opportunities as gifts which someone gave you? Gifts which can challenge, expand, and empower you on your journey towards fulfilling your dreams.

When you live in some culture which promotes control, trying, lying, and even over-riding your body usually leaves you feeling powerless and unable to have all those experience you always wanted.

Here are several things you may do in order to receive your opportunities to let go:

Breathe – You should relax and then give yourself the air you need in order to feel completely alive.

Trust and support yourself to remain connected with your source, and its greater intelligence – You have to cultivate your capacity to listen carefully and answer to your inner guidance. You have to stay connected, and you can do that by napping, dancing, meditation, walking, moving, or vibrating your energies in ways which release you from all the control, holding back, and tightness.

Practice loving yourself unconditionally – Stop criticizing yourself and look precisely for positive, empowering, and loving aspects of yourself and other people. Look for some opportunities actually to love or be loved.

Cultivate your ability to change your way of thinking – Notice, and then release any unsupportive and negative thinking. Shift your focus, circulate, move, and vibrate your energies in ways which open some space so that you can make those shifts easily.

Free your emotions – You can free your emotions if you express them fully in invigorating and safe ways.

Absorb and then digest your experiences – When you learn how to actually let go into absorbing and receiving what you are given, digest, integrate, and prepare for receiving your following steps which you should take.

Withdraw from some habitual control – You should withdraw from some habitual control like being criticized or disgusted by others in order to cover up the discomfort that you feel.

Embrace every experience of loss – You have to learn how you can let go in the truth or give yourself some space and time to vibrate and grieve everything that you feel.

Embrace your suffering and pain – You can do this by breathing or releasing any contraction and control around those things.

Practice releasing of reactivity – One good exercise would be noticing details of everything that triggers you and how you feel or behave in such moments so that you can change something.

Don’t stress about what you are probably missing – You have to remember that your source always guides you to some of your most beneficial and incredible experiences.

Let go in some opportunities which aren’t like you expected – Opportunities which help you discover and learn how you can appreciate and navigate the power of every gift you were offered. You have to remember that you are allowed to say no or yes anytime.

Look forward and enjoy the perfection that a life which is full of such opportunities offers – Remember that life isn’t always what you expect it, and if you continue letting go, you will always have a better life than you expected.   

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