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Soul Mates As Married Couples

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The concept of Soul Mates is well established in the community today. Most of you are aware what soul mates are, but has anyone of you thought ‘What is it like to marry a soul mate?’ If yes, then read on. Here in this article we provide the answer to this question.

The love of two soul mates is intense and powerful. Some of the love affairs of these soul mates are well documented, like the love stories of “Wuthering Heights”, “Romeo and Juliet” etc. Due to the intense relationship between the soul mates, their love may seem like the love of ‘twin souls’, but if you look closely, then you can see some signs of disagreement and distress between them.

Even though the love of the soul mates is of a grand level and they have a general sense of harmony among themselves but still there is always some fuel for spiritual growth.

The fuel here means ‘the reasons for disagreement’, that may result in fights or even separation. But if one is ready to learn from the fights, you can be pushed towards spiritual growth. But overall, there is harmony and peace in the house of the soul mates.

The real purpose of a soul mate marriage is to achieve spiritual growth as an individual initially and then grow together as a whole with your partner towards the common goal of the salvation of the soul. The things that you learn must be repeated many times in order to ingrain them in your mind.

The real purpose here is to know yourself completely. Generally, the soul-mates teach their children to follow their example and motivate them to live a happy life.

The enlightenment of the soul can only be achieved in the state of unconditional love. The love for your partner must not seek anything in return. As soul mates, you must keep each others’ need at top of your priority list at all times.

After this stage, you must push your unconditional love for everyone around you. This way, you’ll become a real soul healer and you’ll be able to treat everyone with same level of love and empathy.

Soul mates thus are very helpful in the spiritual salvation of your soul. They’ll take you to the ultimate goal of your life- perpetual happiness.

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