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Forming Of Subtle Energetic Ties And Their Level Of Intensity

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by Conscious Reminder

We are humans and hence part of the society we live in. It is therefore inevitable for us to interact with other people.

However, what many may not know is that when we do engage with others, be it at the work place or a casual conversation at a party, we unknowingly form subtle connections with them. Think of them as various invisible threads which connect you to everyone you have ever engaged in a meaningful conversation with.

Of course the people who are closer to you would have stronger bounds. These bounds also help the spirit of our deceased near ones when they try to locate us in their subtle form. These bounds can exist beyond realms and this plain.

You are also attached to your spirit guide in the form of one of these Etheric cords. Spirit guides who have worked with you or who follow the same path as you form these bonds with you. It does not matter that one of you exists in the physical world whereas the other dwells in the spiritual world.

Everyone Has Them

Anyone who comes in contact with any other person will end up forming a tie with that person. The only way someone could remain without any energetic bond to anyone is by being completely isolated all their life, for all of their lives. You see our ties don’t just dissolve when our current form fades away, they are carried forward into our next carnation and we carry all the ties of all our lives with us, forever.

Having said that, not all the ties have the same intensity as the rest. Here is what determines the strength of a spiritual tie:

  • The first factor is, obviously, the strength of your feeling towards the person. Your energetic tie with someone for whom you care about deeply and often would obviously be stronger than some stranger that you had a good chat over coffee with.
  • The frequency of how much you think about a person also has an effect on the tie between you two. Someone who is always thought of and remembered in prayers is a cherished tie clearly.
  • With how much feeling and intensity are your thoughts aimed at them. The more strongly you think about a person, the stronger your bond.
  • How much are you willing to put into this engagement with this person? Basically whether you genuinely want to be them or is your association nothing more than a formality.
  • The timeline of your association. People you have known for a longer period of time have their bonds strengthened.

So, it is quite clear that your bond with a person would be stronger depending upon how much you miss them, how long you’ve known them and the mutual feelings of the two people involved.

But everyone does have these Attachments and it is futile that any individual should think that they are aloof from them.

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