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Tonight Is The Most Mysterious New Moon Of 2019 — Get Ready To Have Your Dreams Fulfilled!

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The beginning of this year was more than vibrant. The first season of eclipses hit right from the start, and the past two months were all about diving and ducking the way through critical Full Moons in zero degrees, which have been demanding.

There is also going to be another Full Moon which will happen on the 20th of March, in Libra, and it is going to be the final one of totally five Full Moons at zero degrees.

However, this week, our cosmos will treat us with moments of rest.

The following New Moon happens on the 6th of March, 2019, in the sign of Pisces, in these times: 08:03 PST, 11:03 EST, 16:03 GMT, and 03:03 AEDT (on the 7th of March).

We should all open our arms to this New Moon happening in Pisces.

Regardless of our Moon, Sun, or also rising sign, the Pisces New Moon holds a specific energetic frequencies which we are all going to feel. Some of us will feel the astrology of this lunar cycle more than others.

Here are the four things we should know about the Pisces New Moon:

1. We should not be afraid of feeling all the feelings.

The sign of Pisces is fine, soft, subtle, and gentle, considered the most empathic and intuitive of the rest of the signs of the Zodiac. Moreover, it is highly sensitive, which means that during this week, we should expect a flowing of emotions. However, this will not be the time to feel sorry for ourselves to dwell into the pool of victims.

The sign of Pisces is also expansive, usually feeling all the feelings through the vast connectivity. The portion of our sky will be the sea of awareness, so we should not feel ashamed to turn our look at the humanity waves, and feel what we feel.

When we have our empathic gates wide open, it will be a sure indication that we are rising beyond our ego – our work is definitely working. However, we have to be really careful not to lose ourselves.

2. The conjunct of the planet Neptune and this New Moon will invite us to dream bigger.

The Moon and the Sun will not be the only one that will enjoy the waters of Pisces. The conjunction with the planet Neptune and baby-planet called Vesta will add other levels of super-conscious and dreamy awareness to the New Moon.

From the astrological point of view, Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and God of the Sea, overseeing dreams, imagination, fantasy, intuition, psychic receptivity, and music. These, combined with the New Moon’s inky darkness will make the imaginable realms of possibilities become real all of a sudden.

This will mean for us that the New Moon will be prepared for reworking the etheric layers and that our dreams will first start taking shape before they manifest now and here. The Pisces New Moon is going to give us the power for making anything possible, but if we first dream that into existence. We are not supposed to underestimate this power and our desires and yearnings.

3. Mutable energies are going to bring flexibility.

Jupiter and Mercury, right now being in Sagittarius, will also join the Moon, Sun, Vesta, and Neptune in Pisces. The two planets in changeable signs will combine in order to give a wide-horizon and flexible outlook which means that we aren’t about to dig our heels in if, or when the plans change.

There will also be a huge amount of moving sand into our cosmic wheel at the moment, so when we learn how to surrender ourselves to this flow, it will be better for us. Particularly now when Uranus enters Taurus, which is something we were all waiting for.

4. The planet Uranus entering Taurus – prepare ourselves for this quake.

In fact, this will be a unique and rare astrological transit which is not possible to not be mentioned together with the Pisces New Moon. On the day when the Moon and the Sun will meet in the sign of Pisces, the planet Uranus will enter in Taurus.

Right now, this ‘great awakener’ is sitting at zero degrees and it is going to spend the following seven years in this earth sign. Until now, the planet Uranus was in the sign of Aries.

In fact, the last time when Uranus changed signs and entered in Aries, which happened on the 11th of March, 2011, has been when the power plant Fukushima in Japan has been hit by a tsunami and a fateful earthquake.

We should keep our wits about us while we are entering into the portal of the New Moon in Pisces. The dreamy and sleepy vibes of fishes may feel like the warm bath we ever wanted, as we all deserve that, but we could also be called to attention at any possible moment. So, we have to be prepared for that.

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