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Retrograde Season Is Coming To An End: Time To Pick Up The Pace

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

As the skies inform us, the retrogrades are coming to an end. This chain of continuous frustration that we had been feeling for so long, would finally come to an end, at the end of this month.

But, what is necessary for us to know is what really happens when the planets stop being retrograde and turn direct.

Why necessary? For, it determines our lives and has a great bearing on our future. With the pendulous swing between action and inaction, it is imperative, that we know what is the outcome of all the retrogrades.

For quite some time, there were 6 planets that were retrograde. Those 6 planets were Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus.

Although Mercury has turned direct recently, we still have some way to go, before the other planets let go of their retrogrades, turn direct, and things fall back, on the table.

Mars goes direct on August 27, which is nearing the timeline, while Saturn would go direct on September 6, and Pluto on 30 September.

The benefit of all these planets going direct, is that it would take off a lot of pressure from our shoulders, our minds wouldn’t be cloudy anymore, and we would finally be able to see the road before us, leading us to our goals.

Neptune and Uranus are the next planets that would be turning direct. Neptune on November 24, and Uranus on January 6, would put in the perspective of humor, in our life.

Accept it, such tension in our lives, tend to lead to depression, which is something we don’t want now. These planets turning direct, hence, would bring in the element, of fun in our lives, and make it worth living.

Mercury has already gone direct, and that has helped us a lot. We see things in focus now, everything seems balanced and well-maintained, and we aren’t in a state of constant anxiety, that we were in, a few months back.

In the next few weeks, it would be time, to finally get a hang of things, and push into second gear, which would allow us to work for things that we really want from life itself.

Don’t let anger consume you. Don’t let frustration bring you down. Use them, to lift you higher, as high as you can reach.

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