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The May “Flower” Full Moon: The Most And Least Affected Zodiacs

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by Conscious Reminder

The full moon in May is all about intense transformations and endings. It will reach its height on May 15th in Scorpio and will uncover hidden truths.

The lunation will also be a chance to let go of everything that has been restraining us. Although the May Full Moon is going to bring intense changes for almost everyone, the intensity will differ based on your zodiac.

Here are the 3 most-affected signs during this lunation:


Get ready for some huge transformations. This lunation will force you to meet your karma. Furthermore, radical changes are also being called by the eclipse with regards to resources, finances, and the conclusion of eras. If your gut is telling you to release something then this time is perfect for bringing in that change.


Your partnerships may be experiencing quite a bit of turbulence right now. To make matters worse, your vision is being obstructed by the eclipse. This lunation will give you the chance to strip the layers in your relationships. Then, decide if they are truly in line with your objective. After all, lunar eclipses are strongly associated with saying farewell to conventional methods of growth.


Brace yourself for a rough ride as the lunation will make you confront your weaknesses, strengths, and the emotional needs you have been suppressing for so long. However, addressing the shadow side is not the only thing on the agenda. The self-reflection will also be about finally gathering up the courage to cut some people, bad habits, and situations off for good/

For the following three signs, the changes will probably be on a more spiritual level. So, you may consider yourself lucky if your zodiac is among the following 3 signs least affected by the May “Flower” Full Moon:


The May lunar eclipse will strongly encourage you to follow your pleasure as well as liberate the artist within you. The shifts in the cosmos might inform you about a fresh creative hobby. It might also unite you with a potential love interest. This is the time for expanding artistic perspectives. Try to cultivate a more kind and inclusive perspective.

As such, think of the conventions, if any, that act as obstacles in the path to making such positive changes. The lunation is perfect for releasing such vices related to self-destruction.


Your closest circle is getting livelier each day. The May Full Moon covers areas related to peers, community, and connections. So, short-lived or old friendships might resurface and encourage you to spend time socializing.

However, be aware that the lunation will be making our senses go askew. As such, you should spend some time assessing the relationship types that you truly want to be in. You can consider this eclipse as a cleansing one which also doubles as an encouragement to connect with more like-minded people. You will be drawn towards spending more time and emotions on friends with whom you have values in common.


Soul searching is at the top of the list for this lunation. As such, you may find hidden truths. Perhaps, you will experience philosophical revelations which have the power to completely alter how you look at life. This period is calling on you to stand up for yourself, let go of expired attachments, and broaden your perspectives.

For some, the lunation’s transits can be scathing. However, for you, the vibes will feel ideal for spending some quiet time reflecting and exploring your personal belief systems.  

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