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The Upcoming New Moon In Scorpio Will Stir Up Our Emotions

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by Conscious Reminder

Moving past Halloween period, and into the new month, we can quickly find ourselves going ahead for the New Moon that comes.

Usually considered a period for setting new intentions, as well as new beginnings, the New Moon which comes is, in fact, more complicated, and all that as a result of the liveliness of Scorpio. Have you prepared yourself for this?

It is not a surprise that this year was an intense one, when considering astrology. Only this summer, we witnessed retrogrades of seven planets and Chiron, which is actually enough in order to turn people’s lives head over heels.

However, the good thing is that we succeeded in surviving those periods, and we are here, waiting for the end of this year. But, it is still not over. There are two more months in front of us, carrying astrological power which will not make it any easier for us.

When taking into consideration the Moon’s energies and phases, the primary thing which comes on our minds is probably the power that Full Moon has. Full Moon periods are best known for making chaos and bringing madness in the entire world, but their energy is mostly for our emotions.

In fact, Full Moon leads to the highest point of such feelings, and when strong emotions take decisions or thoughts, it is not a surprise that a lot of people behave in an impulsive and erratic way.

New Moons are also the beginning of the cycle of the moon, the chance to begin something fresh and brand new. It is also the period when we motivated to take a look on the future, setting the visual perception on the place we wish to be at this time, as well as finding out the best way of taking the benefits of the converting power with the phases of the Moon which come. The following one is almost here, occurring on the 7th of November, and it will be pretty impressive.

This New Moon will happen in the sign of Scorpio, which is better known for being passionate and intense. In November, while you are preparing to set the purposes about the entire month, Scorpio’s energy is going to pop in on you in order to see through the joy and positive things of a ‘new beginning.’

This means unsolved problems, hidden emotions, as well as suppressed motivation, no matter if you are conscious of that or not. This is going to be the time of focusing on why you are doing something you do. 

During this period, think twice prior to making a decision. Think about why you are sometimes worn about the actions in front of you, which include what you are hoping to achieve from the choice you made, perhaps more significant, the probable risks.

The sign of Scorpio is going to increase your emotion’s intensity, so you will want to make sure that logic is also included in the decisions you make. Think about why you have chosen a specific action, and separate it in clearly expressed terms. If you can point to motivation, there is a possibility that some logical reason does not exist.

However, in case you identify emotional reply, you should not stop. There is a probability that it will be a model of the way of behaving for going ahead, something which is going to return once again soon.

When you return to the past memories, would you recognize a trigger? Does a traumatic occurrence exist which can give an explanation for your reacting, or some kind of unsolved emotions which influence your mind?

It will not be easy for sure, but one day you will return on this segment in your life, and you are going to say “Thank you” to yourself because you stepped outside of your zone of comfort.

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