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The Zodiac Signs Most Affected By The Gemini New Moon In May

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by Conscious Reminder

May’s had a particularly challenging astrological climate due to a variety of reasons, ranging from a Mercury retrograde to a strong season of eclipses.

However, the New Moon this month promises to bring new perspectives along with an opportunity to make your goals a reality. The Moon will enter Gemini on May 30th and it will ask us to speak our needs aloud and question all that we know.

For the following zodiacs, this New Moon might feel more like someone pushing you to experience fresh ideas and jump into new personal projects.


Areas involving self-expression are getting tenser due to the lunation. It is vital to express yourself and voice your needs. However, the lunation’s target is your communication ability.

On the other hand, a Jupiter-Mars transit is boosting your confidence by a bit. Mercury retrograde and your impulsive nature have produced a lot of space for mistakes, so be sure to triple check the people you are CC’ing and tagging.


The New Moon in May is residing in Gemini’s house governing self. This means the top priority and focus is how you view yourself and the way you connect with the physical world. You might feel a bit more pressured than usual to get everything prepared before the deadline. As such, get ready for a bit of professional turbulence.

However, even if it feels overwhelming, this lunation is going to be a great time for leaning on the relationships you have with other people. Jupiter and Mars will travel across your friendships’ eleventh house. So do not hesitate to reach out and ask for help from co-workers or friends when you are in trouble.


The time has arrived to start the game, and the May New Moon will be all about reorganizing the professional plans that have gone haywire due to the Mercury Retrograde. This is when you refocus on the prize and professional goals. Think about your next career step and formulate realistic goals that can help you reach that place.

This lunation will be a great time for revisiting the vision boards. Take another look and remind yourself of the goals you had set. At the same time, chart a new action route to the targets that you have not yet reached.

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