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Psychology Says These 7 Rules Can Change The Way You See The World

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by Conscious Reminder

Simple yet very effective rules of psychology that are capable of changing your perception of the world!

These 7 simple rules can make your life brighter, more positive, more exciting, and fill it with special meaning, wisdom and love.

1. The Rule Of Mirrors 

The people that surround us are our mirrors. They reflect the characteristics of your  personality, which you don’t often understand. For example, if someone is rude to you, it means that you want that; you allow it. If people often double-cross you, it means that you are gullible and blindly believe everyone. So, there’s no reason to be angry at anyone.

2. The Rule Of Choice

I realize that everything that is happening in my life is the result of my own choice. And if I talk to a boring person today, does that mean I’m a boring person too?

There are no bad and evil people – there are unhappy people. If I get in trouble with them, it means I like it. So, there is no point in pretending. I am the cause of everything that is happening to me. We are the masterminds and creators behind our own destiny.

3. The Rule Of Mistake

I admit that I make mistakes. I do not always think my opinions or my actions are considered correct by others. The real world is not black and white, but it is light-gray and ash-white. I’m NOT IDEAL, I’m just a good person and I have the right to make mistakes. The most important thing is to admit the mistake and correct it at the time.

4. The Rule Of Reciprocity 

I have exactly what I need and what I deserve, nothing more or less, whether it is relationships, work or money related. If I can not completely love a person, it’s ridiculous to ask that person to love me so.

So all my pretensions are meaningless. But at the same time, when I decide to change – people around me also change for the better.

5. Rule Of Dependency

No one owes me anything. I will help anyone I can, without expecting anything in return, It makes me happy.

To become good, you should become strong first. To become strong, you need to believe that you can do everything. And I believe! But you should also learn to say “NO!”

6. Rule Of Presence

I live here and now. There is no past, because every second is present. There is no future because it has not come yet. Living in the past leads to depression, while being consumed by what the future will bring, to worries and anxiety.

As long as I live in the present, I am REAL, I EXIST. That’s where real happiness lies.

7. The Rule Of Optimism

While we stand around criticizing life, it goes by and we don’t even notice.

Eyes see, feet walk, ears hear, heart beats, soul rejoices. My fitness routine you’d ask – sunny summer, a meadow and a river. As I move, the breeze touches my skin – I live. When I watch TV, lie on a couch or talk to friends on the internet – I’m not present in this world, but in another one.

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