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15 Things That Are Unique Only To Badass, Fearless Alpha-Women

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by Conscious Reminder

“Well-behaved women seldom make history” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

This sentence from Ulrich has been immortalized in every medium possible. It acknowledges the contribution of the women who have improved this world by proving that no boundaries could hold them back. Keep reading to learn more about the awesomeness of women who are alphas.

1. She does her best to enjoy life

Relationship statuses mean nothing to these women. No matter what life throws at them, they find one way or another to make the best of it and to collect experiences they will cherish.

2. She asserts herself

There’s no awkwardness when she’s around because she’ll always make the first move and start talking to you. She is never scared to ask for what she knows she deserves be it asking an employer for a bonus or asking out someone she’s attracted to.

3. She does not lack confidence

She’s knows all of her flaws and she’s willing to accept them because she understands that we are all imperfect. Also, she’s very well aware that she’s awesome.

4. She’s not afraid to be single nor to be in a relationship

Her life is full of those she cares about it and her own passions so she is never alone. But she’ll make space for a new person if they make her happy.

5. She’s learnt from her mistakes

Failing is a part of life but it is important to not let failure consume you. An alpha woman will pick herself up every time and make use of what she’s learned in the process.

6. She draws a line

She knows where to draw the line and how to ensure that no one will cross it without her permission. If someone tries to get into her space she will get them to back off as quickly as possible.

7. She knows when it is best to leave

Relationships with other people are important and sometimes they are hard, but an alpha woman won’t keep trying when it is clear that someone is not worth it.

8. She will ask for your presence

Modern technology might have made connecting easier but when you are in a romantic relationship, it is not enough to just communicate virtually. She is not afraid to ask for more.

9. She takes the opportunities that come her way

When a door opens, she will not be afraid to assert herself and make good use of the opportunity that has come knocking.

10. She’s honest and realistic

Unnecessary drama and miscommunication are things she has no time for. She’ll let you know how she feels honestly and clearly and she’ll expect the same from everyone else.

11. She doesn’t waste time on hero worship

Of course she’ll have role models but she knows that they are human too. She is a bigger fan of life and reality.

12. She invests in herself

Taking care of yourself is important and an alpha woman does right by herself. She keeps her mind and body fit so that her life is also better.

13. She will never let herself be the victim

When something bad happens, she never lets it overwhelm the rest of her life. No one can have that sort of influence over her.

14. She goes for it

Even if she’s not entirely sure of what she’s about to do, she’ll go for it because there’s no point regretting not doing it later.

15. She is who she is

She has no time to worry about what others might say. She does what she knows will make life good for her and for those she cares about.

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