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Spirits From Another Realm: Can They Help Us?

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Usually, when we hear or talk about spirits, it’s always in a negative sense, where spirits are said to be wicked creatures, that want nothing more than death and destruction.

But, in reality, spirits are far more complex than mere instruments of evil. They are from a different plane of being, an all together different realm, and you have no idea what they are for, and what they can do.

Movies like Conjuring, and Insidious have established this notion that otherworldly beings are unexplainable creatures, and hence cannot be understood. They need to be feared, and left alone at all costs.

Any and all involvement with them is to be strictly forbidden. But, the truth is, they are not all harmful. They want to help you, and not hurt you, and all they want to do is “speak to you”.

Spirits are beings that can’t prevent you from what your karma has in store, but they can alleviate it, or help you in so many other ways. They needn’t always be around you, for them to help you out.

They can be in so many other forms, as a mentor, as a guide, or as a philosopher. What is needed is a zeal to accept, and broaden our own horizons to accepts anything that people might consider as outrageous.

This would help spirits embalm themselves to our lives, as a part and steer us in the path to glory. Their experience, their history can be of immeasurable importance if the proper amount of study is devoted to them. All it needs is an open mind.

People aren’t always accepting to this idea. Which is exactly why people consider this to be a minor coincidence, and not a signal from the higher heavens.

Occults, clairvoyants and psychic mediums deal with this because they have transformed themselves into a position where they can actually conduct or delve into the mystic arts and call forth the spirits to listen to them, and help people in need.

We never know in what form they might come, or how late the answer might be, but they would always answer, and always be present, in the wind, in the air itself.

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