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The Astrological Significance Of The July 2022 Capricorn Full Supermoon

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by Conscious Reminder

The Full Super Moon in Capricorn will rise on July 13th. The focus of this lunation is going to be taking responsibility for our lives along with its direction.

For instance, if our lives currently feel unsatisfactory in any way, this lunation will encourage us to confront the issue head-on and take accountability for all self-sabotaging habits and decisions.

Of course, this has always been a difficult thing to do, and this time is not going to be any different. However, if we manage to do this, we can tap into a power that will let us direct our lives toward our desired destination. Even if we cannot control everything, if we manage to harness this lunation’s power completely, we can reach the peak of whichever mountain we want to climb.

Capricorn, also known as the Sea-Goat, is skilled at climbing mountains using its “goat” half. While the “sea” half makes it adept at diving to the ocean’s deepest depths. As such, Capricorn has a unique perspective and advantage when it comes to the world.

A Different And Unique Perspective

It allows Capricorn to understand that there always exist several perspectives on anything. By being able to surmount the rockiest slopes as well as the toughest waves, Capricorns build resilience and the ability to discern the things that truly deserve our energy and time. As such, the astrology of this upcoming astrology does hint at some extra challenges that need an extra amount of effort.

Pluto, the Underworld’s ruler, is close by to the lunation. As such, there are some heavy vibrations in the air. We may have to confront some uncomfortable issues. Furthermore, the July Full Moon can also make us realize that it is time to part ways with some elements in our lives. These are mainly related to the path to achieving our goals. It may need us to gain maturity, and accept that certain endeavors or actions are just impossible in the current situation.

The July Full Moon is carrying some disheartened energy, akin to a wake-up call. Sometimes, we just have to accept that there are things that will not be how we desire them to be. Sometimes, we have to change something first before things can get better. The practical and mature approach will be the easiest method of navigation through these decisions.

A Fairly Difficult And Heavy Period

Mercury, the communication planet, is also close by to this lunation. As such, we might have to have some difficult conversations or be confident to express our true feelings. Mindful communication is not an easy task. However, this lunation’s mature, grounded, and practical energies will guide us toward the right words.

This energy can also be used to remind us of our words’ creative powers, particularly what we tell ourselves. So make sure you are careful about your communication with yourself. If you observe the voice within you to be self-sabotaging or self-deprecating, then try to change things toward a more hope-filled perspective. Try and make the voice within you speak honestly but things that make your mood better.

The Full Super Moon in Capricorn is one of the heavier ones. However, its depths contain a multitude of jewels. They will only be attainable if we have the courage and willingness to dive into the depths or reach the zenith. Those who take on the journey and complete it will have nothing to regret.

Finally, this is the second Full Super Moon in a series of three. As such, there might be much more left in the story. We will have to wait till the Full Super Moon in August to know that.

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