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Today Is July 7th: Here’s The Deeper Meaning Behind Angel Number 77

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by Conscious Reminder

The very foundation of angel numerology is based on number theory. Numbers govern our lives and shape our destiny.

Since ancient times, people have always turned to numbers for guidance, for there is a science in that- something that has withstood the test of time.

Since human beings are inherently curious, it is in all of us to want to know where our future lies, where our destinies are headed, and what we would get out of it all. To answer these questions, people take recourse to Angel numbers.

To jog back our memory, the single-digit integers are all governed by single energy entities, which then combine with other energy entities to bring out double-digit numbers. But what is truly special is double digits with the same number- double the power and energy.

It can be safely assumed hence, that numbers have varying levels of importance in a human’s life. And more often than not have people turned towards it to get some guidance- be it emotional, practical, or professional.

Some of us have even benefitted from the insights brought by these numbers in our lives. Somehow, we receive the strength from these numbers to battle the demons that wait for us.

What Does Angel Number 77 Imply?

Angel number 77 is made from the combination of two exact numbers, 7. Now, with 7 being a very lucky number in itself, this angel number represents that the person carrying this number all around is firmly on the right side of life and needs to keep going.

Someone with angel number 77 knows that they are here to serve a bigger purpose in life. They are passionate, intense, and extremely analytic. But they fall out at times because they can be full of self-doubt and vulnerability.

These people need to get over their fear of abandonment and being alone and realize that all of that would simply lead to a more nuanced personality. The moment they decide to let go of stuff that bothers them, they will find their spiritual consciousness soaring through the roof.

While these people may look extremely bored and uninterested, that is never the case. These people are brimming with emotions, and are simply giving off a facade of mystery.

The Symbolism Behind It

Angel Number 77 is always under the power of the solar system, and in this case, the planet Saturn. The angel number falls under planetary karma, which means that the person bearing the number would either face rewards or succumb to punishment from the past life.

Since only a few people with angel Number 77 face punishment for their previous birth, we can assume it mostly entails rewards.

While these people are of a moral and solid character, there are certain problems that the planet Saturn brings before them. Especially fear, trepidation, and self-doubt.

And this is important- if the person isn’t persistent enough, they wouldn’t be able to fulfill the weight that is on their shoulders. They need to work for it. And they need to overcome everything in their path to success.

Angel Number 77 And Love

Someone with angel Number 77 will feel all forms of love at their bestowal. And this is such a rarity that only a few angel numbers feel it. It goes without saying that romantic love would be at the forefront of their existence because it directly leads to Universal or Divine love.

People with angel number 77 are extremely open-minded when it comes to matters of the heart, and don’t analyze who they are loving. This makes them amazingly desirable people.

If you see angel number 77, know that the entire spirit realm is rooting for you. They know you have encountered a lot of hardships throughout your life, and they wouldn’t want to force anything more.

They are simply telling you to realize that there is a light shining in the dark, that even darkness wouldn’t be able to overpower.

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