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Lionsgate Portal Ritual

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by Tanaaz | Forever Conscious 

Every year on August 8th, the Lionsgate Portal is activated and concentrated beams of high frequency energy are sent down to Earth.

This high frequency light energy can help to activate and awaken the third eye and heart chakras, bringing about spiritual awakenings, healings, heart openings and more.

Seeing as 2018 is a number 11 year, this Lionsgate Portal holds the vibration of 8-8-11.

In numerology, 11 is a powerful number of spiritual awakenings, and 8 represents, power and strength.

Together the vibration of 8-8-11 is going to help us awaken to our true power, and will guide us to find our strength no matter what has been transpiring.

Since the Blood Moon Eclipse in July, we have been called to shed and release so we can let go of all that is weighing us down. This year’s Lionsgate Portal is going to further help this shedding process, and will activate and awaken us to a high level of understanding.

You can read more about the Lionsgate Portal for 2018 here, but if you would like to open to these energies, here is a simple ritual you can follow-

Lionsgate Portal Ritual For Opening to the Energies 

1.) At the back of your neck is a powerful energy center or chakra known as the Cerebellum Chakra. Take a few drops of essential oil and begin rubbing it into the back of your neck to stimulate and open this energy center.

(Note: You can use any essential oil you prefer, but some good recommendations include sandalwood, lavender, frankincense).

Massage the oil in concentrating on the spot right near your hairline where you feel a slight dip. As you massage close your eyes and breathe deeply.

2.) Relax your hands down into your lap and with eyes still closed, imagine a swirling spiral opening at the back of your neck. Keep visualizing the spiral getting bigger and stronger. See it swirling and moving. Note what color and texture it is.

3.) Now, place your hand over your heart and ask your guardian angels and spirit guides to join you. Tell them you want to open up to the Divine energies on offer. Ask them for assistance in receiving these energies.

4.) Imagine a beam of blue light streaming down from the Universe and going straight into the spiral at the back of you neck. See the beam of blue light recharging the spiral and nourishing it with healing, loving, energy.

See the blue light energy coursing through your whole body, restoring it, nourishing it, and energizing it.

5.) Once you have this visual you can ask for this blue light to heal and recharge any part of your body, mind, or soul that is in need of support. Feel the light traveling to the particular area, or working to mend and cleanse any issues that are happening on a soul level.

6.) Thank the light and then see it exit your body back through the spiral. Visualize the beam fading from the sky and then return your attention to the spiral on the back of your neck. Note how it looks now and if it’s different from when you observed it before.

7.) Now see your spiral getting smaller and smaller. Know that it is getting smaller as a way to protect your energy center.

8.) Begin massaging the spot behind your neck once more and imagine that this energy center is being gently sealed so no energies can come through without your permission.

9.) Breathe deeply here for a moment until you feel settled and open your eyes. After this you may wish to journal, create a vision board, or do something creative.

Also, drink a large glass of water or sip some herbal tea after this ritual to help with the energy activations and cleansing.

Happy Lionsgate!

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