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Leo Season 2022 Wants You To Bring Out Your Inner Child

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by Conscious Reminder

Similar to every other zodiac season, the 2022 Leo season also has certain preparations and expectations you would do well to know about.

As the emotional Cancer season finally draws to a close, the Leo Season brings the perfect opportunity to gain new perspectives and relief.

This year the stars are asking you to turn your entire attention toward yourself. Find out the reasons behind your smiles. Think of Lea season as the ideal time to place a bit of me-time in your schedule and take a temporary small retreat from others’ expectations. Moreover, the Jupiter retrograde and the new moon will be all about closing old trauma wounds as well as new beginnings.

The Astrological Significance Of Leo Season

First off, the 2022 Leo Season will begin on July 22nd and last till August 22nd. This month will ask you to avoid sharing your energy too much. Instead, use most of it on yourself. This month is a free pass to do all the things that make you happy, regardless of the reasons.

Near the beginning of this season, on July 18th, Mercury will enter Leo. This means a healthy boost in confidence, especially with regards to your communication with your closest people. However, also be mindful and make compromises whenever necessary. Do not hog the spotlight, share it.

During this month, Chiron will also begin its retrograde, which will go on till the later part of December. This means that the remainder of this year will have a great deal of confronting and resolving past traumas.

For those who are not very fluent in astrology, Chiron is also called the “wounded healer.” Its name also belongs to a centaur in Greek mythology who possessed healing abilities. However, he was not able to use it on himself.

Similarly, the journey of this centaur is a message to us about the importance of taking care of ourselves as well as soothing old wounds. Chiron’s entrance also sparks a desire to accept and celebrate the child within you. This means revisiting childhood favorites, trying new do’s, and just having the most fun you can.

Leo Season also asks you to believe in yourself more. Spend time making goals that benefit you at the end of the day. Jupiter beginning its retrograde in Aries while coinciding with a super-charged new moon will provide a lot of fearlessness and determination.

Welcome the upcoming period to reflect on yourself. Think about your impression of yourself as well as others and anything that needs change. Complete one or two personal goals that have taken a lot of effort so far. Even if some emotional hurt may come your way, this will be the period to remember the strength within us and progress.

Leo Season’s Greatest Influence

Every sign is going to receive the 2022 Leo Season’s offerings. However, Leos are set to be the ones most attuned to the challenges and changes of this season. Furthermore, the season is also perfect for other fire signs. Enjoy your period in the spotlight and make full use of the boost in self-awareness, confidence, and energy. You deserve every bit of the acknowledgment that you get.

Do not try to turn down your shine. Search for endeavors that give your pleasure and hunt for excitement and liberation. Remember to make yourself the priority. You put in a lot of effort for a while, so enjoy the rewards that come your way. It’s all according to Lion’s way.

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