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The Image You See First Reveals A lot About Your Future

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They say a picture says it all, but this one says it all! Which image did you see first?

Tests like those are so much fun and usually give us good insightd about ourselves an our futures. Take a look at the image below, what is the first thing you notice?

Technically there are four different things you could see right off the bat and each says a lot about what is going to happen in your life.


If you saw flowers you are someone who is in store for big winnings. Maybe you receive some sort of award at work or in life, of course, you are already pretty successful that doesn’t mean things won’t continue to improve. You are in for a bright future.

An Insect

If you noticed the bug on her right off the bat you are someone who is being plagued with problems that will soon be going away. Be patient, whatever is bothering you will not be bothering you for too much longer. What exactly could the solution to all of your problems be?

A Face

If you saw a face before anything else you should be preparing yourself for big changes in your life. Forgive yourself and move on from past mistakes. Become happy for once and think about yourself. No one else should matter more.


Something bad is going to happen in your near future. How bad and what is unknown but you will make it through. There is nothing that can stop you when you have your heart set on making it out. You will come out on top no matter what you have to do.

A Naked Girl

This naked girl could mean you are going to meet someone new. This could be beneficial to you overall and if you are offered the chance to spend time with this person you should take it. Meeting new people is hard and it can be extremely draining but you need to get yourself out there in the world.

What did you see first? I saw the naked girl first. How accurate was your reading and where do you think you stand in life after taking the time to go over this with me?

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