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August 2022 Astrology Through Dates: Midsummer Heat!

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by Conscious Reminder

August starts with the Northern Lunar Node, Mars, and Uranus in alignment. That is tremendous energy by itself, which can make us feel unstable or unsettled.

The Uranus-North Node alignment is also a sign of an evolving collective destiny. Everything that society values and relies upon is going to be thoroughly reviewed. As such, August’s beginning can certainly feel shaky.

However, this will end up in us attaining a more awakened and authentic personal and global consciousness. Nevertheless, if it feels too unsettling, then just try to ride it out instead of forcing things that refuse to work. Strong Uranus energy is often a sign telling us to surrender.

Be that as it may, there are also the Lionsgate Portal and a passionate New Moon later on in the month. Here are all the important astrological events for August 2022:

August 1st: Mars + Uranus + North Node In Taurus

This is one of 2022’s major astrological highlights. Mars’ one-week tryst will be heating and amplifying the energies.

August 8th: Lionsgate 88 Portal

This portal tracks the Spiritual Sun Sirius’ rising. According to a prophecy, when Sirius rises, forgotten codes, wisdom, and messages from Atlantis are activated. The star rises near July’s end and throughout most of August. However, its most influential day is thought to be August 8th. Numerology associates 8 with higher consciousness, wisdom, and infinity.

August 11th: Aquarius Full Super Moon

This will be the last Super Moon in a series of 3. This will be the last ray of illumination that will help in clearing suppressed issues from our lives. Saturn will be particularly active during this lunation. We may feel a bit stuck or stifled in some parts. If you do feel like this, then remember to stay grounded.

August 22nd to 25th: Sun And Regulus Conjunct

There are 4 Royal Stars, and Regulus is among them. It is also called the North Sky’s protector. It is the ruler of the crown chakra. Thus, it is believed to imbue us with positive energy.

August 22nd: Virgo Season Begins

The fiery season of the Lion ends and gives way to the practical, organized, and earthy Virgo Season. Virgo’s Virgin Goddess has a close association with strength, independence, and doing stuff for ourselves first. The Goddess never needed a partner and was strong enough by herself. However, she always remembered to honor herself and treat her body like a temple through her immense freedom.

August 24th: Uranus Goes Retrograde

This Uranus retrograde will not end until next year. The planet rules over awakening and change. During its retrograde, we will have the ability to retrospect on all the changes that have taken place during the previous 7 months. This is all to give us a proper assessment of our present position.

August 27th: Virgo New Moon

Mars will be active once more during the Virgo New Moon. It will lend us aid as we seek to establish a connection with our suppressed passions. The planet is also helpful for conquering fears as well as taking leaps of faith in directions that we have wanted for a while.

However, during active Mars periods, we must be extra careful of being impulsive or letting our temper take control. All in all, the Virgo New Moon might be a bit harsh and can introduce a bit of funky energy. But it’s nothing that can’t be worked through. Just remember the Virgin Goddess’ message: trust in yourself, locate independence, and think of your body as your temple.

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