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The Deceptive Nature Of Synchronicities Sheds Light Into The Gangstalking Phenomenon, Schizophrenia, And Our Delusions!

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Have you ever thought that synchronicities could be the cause behind certain delusions in the world? Synchronicities are meaningful events/coincidences.

The word “synchronicity” first introduced to the world by Carl Jung due to his own strange experiences. Jung also faced many synchronicities during his lifetime, however, the existence of these synchronicities and even the assumptions that he made to understand the cause were highly controversial.

Although these controversies are there, analyzing the experiences of schizophrenics, it’s evident that they are facing an extremely high number of synchronicities during their so-called psychotic episodes. That said, this article will shed some insight into anomalous human experiences that have been mistakenly identified as an illness or symptoms of an illness.

Well, this is my story and I could relate my experience with so many people around the world. It’s just like I had a virtual reality scenario of schizophrenia with psychic and paranormal experiences.

According to statistics, there are millions and millions of people who are experiencing various types of mental illnesses throughout the world and 1.1% of them are schizophrenics.

Further, the most common symptoms of schizophrenic patients are voice hearing and delusions. Following are some facts about voice hearing only, however, note that not every voice hearer is being labeled as mentally ill.

According to Intervoice “Research shows that around 8% of children and young people hear voices that others don’t”


Further, some of the common delusions among the people who have been labeled as “Schizophrenics” are that they think they receive messages from the newspapers and TV/Radio, and believe that certain TV show scripts are written for them.

They also believe that people around the world know them, that microphones and other listening devices have been installed in their homes to spy on them, and people are using cameras in public locations to monitor them.

In addition, they believe people in the streets are negatively talking about them and their friends are also talking about them negatively on social media by sharing posts and making statuses. Further, they believe people in the streets are following them and then that they are receiving harassing emails from worldwide companies, etc.

Although the medical community has a strong belief that such beliefs would arise in human minds due to mental illness and these are delusional references, what you are about to hear is a totally different story. I had all these beliefs and I was paranoid too at times because of the way certain abnormal activities got manifested.

Therefore, I also had the first-hand experience of a person who has been labeled as mentally ill and so many other extremely weird experiences, however, in my case, without seeking medical help I came out of these delusional beliefs.

Technically according to the medical community, this should not happen, however, since I managed to correct my erroneous conclusions without seeking medical help, this concludes that the medical community’s conclusions are false. By saying so, I’m not referring to each and every delusion that human beings are having.

The context of this article is specifically addressing the above delusions only. The delusions that human beings are having are complicated to address without using a context since even if I say that “I wrote this article”, that itself could be a delusion if the concept “I” is an illusion created by the mind.

That being said, my experience made me carry out massive research into human experiences and I found out that these beliefs are common in schizophrenics. However, so far I haven’t found another individual who had managed to correct his/her views by critically analyzing his or her experiences in the way I have analyzed.

Therefore, this will be a unique case for the medical community and I request you to take this seriously. I cannot use words to express the emotional impact that this can have on a person. This could easily tear down a person’s personality completely. If I never managed to keep a strong will and if I happened to seek medical help, it would have made my situation worse. 

On top of this, I faced strange experiences such as ringing in the ear, the sensation of bugs crawling on my body, tingling sensation on my skin, abnormal smells, abnormal synchronized noises. For example, for certain unique thoughts, an instant noise would generate in my vicinity giving an impression that someone is monitoring.

I always seem to look at the watch(es) but the time would always be like 11:11 or 12:12 or some unique time, I faced power and Internet disruptions due to certain thoughts and for certain unique actions.  This happened to me quite often when I get insightful thoughts when researching these phenomena and talking about these experiences with friends.

Further, I experienced that people would spontaneously refer to things that were in my mind at that very moment, I had prophetic dreams, my travels times got disrupted with sudden rains (no matter what time that I’m planning to go out, it will rain just a few minutes prior. This happened to a level that I could predict) and I also came across with meaningful signs when browsing the Internet and when I walk in the streets.  

Researching into similar human experiences, I discovered that a massive number of human beings have ended up in getting psychiatric help, therefore, it’s evident that I had a miraculous escape from a danger that would have affected my entire life.

Considering my case, I can say that the observed phenomenon clearly showed intelligence, was intelligent enough to trick me again and again due to my continues observation of the phenomenon. I observed very distinct changes of how these phenomena (meaningful events or the synchronicities) got manifested overtime thus it affected my conclusions and made me end up in having different delusions along the way.

Overall, these phenomena managed to fool me for almost two years until I managed to fix the trust issues that I had with my friends, that will be discussed later in the article. By fixing the trust issues, I was able to ascertain that an extremely high number of synchronicities were the cause behind my delusions or these erroneous conclusions. Having said that, this anomalous experience gave me enough evidence to identify the existence of an extremely advanced global satellite grid that monitors human beings on Earth using artificial intelligence (AI). 

It was also evident to me that this grid has a remote neural monitoring interface, an interface that is able to control our perceptions and even control the entire body by selectively activating or suppressing and taking a real-time reading from neural circuits, along with many other capabilities that are beyond belief. 

I’ll try to put this into perspective by giving more details of my experience. I had so many bizarre experiences. Imagine this experience by putting yourself into this scenario as it might help you understand this a bit more clearly.

By doing so, here you would understand that depend on the way these synchronicities(meaningful events) get manifested to an observer, an observer would make different erroneous conclusions depend on their knowledge, depending on their beliefs, depend on their critical thinking ability, etc.. therefore, the delusions that would arise in an observer’s mind would be different in each scenario.

If you’d like to learn more about my personal experience and what I went through, please follow this link.

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