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The Subtle Signs Of Romantic Attraction

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

It is the unspoken ethic of all magicians to not reveal the secrets.
-Charles Dickens

Some people lack the supreme courage it takes to confess the deepest desires of the heart. They are procrastinators pondering on the possibilities, planners who go on making strategies, and people with low self esteem who think they aren’t worth anything at all.

A remarkable line from Perks Of  Being A Wallflower goes “we accept the love we think we deserve” and that’s what explains most of the indecisiveness.

So is there no way to decipher whether someone has feelings? Of course there is! Non-verbal communication plays a vital role here. Look for these signs and you’ll know if someone genuinely likes you:

Twirling The Locks

Have you noticed that you involuntarily stroke your hair when you are nervous? Playing with hair makes you calm and composed. It is a therapeutic act. When someone likes you, there’s a tinge of nervous energy in them that they wish to curb, which is why they twirl their traces.

Ladies also do so when they wish to flirt. Playing with the tresses makes one look seductive. Men comb their hair with their fingers to look goofy and mysterious at the same time.

Eyebrows Entail Attention

If you see someone raising their eyebrows and looking directly at you! The person is surely interested. It speaks of the unsaid attraction that starts a conversation.

If you respond by arching your eyebrows in return, you are indirectly accepting their invitation. You have to be very attentive as eyebrow flicks are over within seconds.

Dilating Pupils

Remember when the princess’s pupils dilated looking at the Prince in every Disney movie ever? That actually has a psychological foundation. Psychologists call it the three F’s; Fight, Flight, and Frolicking, it’s very primal. This is involuntary and is a sure sign of your interest. When you look at something you love, your pupils dilate.

Everlasting Smile

Ladies usually smile a lot more in the presence of their love interest. They feel warm and fuzzy; while men smile a lot less.  According to researchers, high levels of testosterone in men are the reason they appear brooding. This is why women find the mysterious male appealing. Men on the other hand love women who are funny and laugh a lot.

Hips Don’t Lie

The hip region is where our reproductive organs are. If someone is bending their hips towards you with their arms crossed, it could mean they are showing interest.  When men stand with hands in the pockets with their thumbs sticking out, it is bound to attract your gaze towards the pelvic area. This is how they show sexual attraction.

So pay attention and figure out what’s unspoken!

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