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Repeat These Words a Hundred Times a Day And Watch What Happens

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Before we do anything let’s try and figure out what’s the effect of one bad start.

Calling those thoughts bad, unholy or impure won’t be enough. What we really need to remember is that all of these words represent one idea and that’s Slavery.

Bad, unholy thoughts in the end will do only one thing – restrain us. However, a pure thought always broadens our horizons.

You all know what purity is. If you can repeat the word PURITY only a hundred times a day, even before you get out of bed, purity will shine in your mind and into your life.

When you repeat these words trying to feel the purity of your mouth, try to feel that your eyes are pure, that your heart is pure, that every part of your body is pure.

Every time you say PURITY, concentrate on some part of your body and feel it pure.

When you have done this a hundred times, you will feel nothing but purity.

You can always go a step further.

When you see a flower, feel its purity. Once you purify your whole existence, try and feel that you’re nothing but a flower.

Once that you’ve become a flower, put it on your altar as your gift to God.

You cried asking for purity And God answered you prayers, so as a sign of gratitude you should fall at God’s feet.

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