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What To Expect From October 2022’s Spiritual Energy

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by Conscious Reminder

As per Numerology and the month’s energy profile, October 2022 is set to be full of community, good health, elegance, and serendipity.

As such, expect situations making you confront synchronicities – when events that have a different coincidence take place. It will be quite meaningful for the people experiencing them.

October’s Spiritual Meaning

If the year’s spiritual height was supposed to be September, then October will continue bringing good news. There will also be aspects that we can develop, such as our ability to co-exist, plans, and personalities. Some moments of strong connections, universal vibrations, purpose, and pure creativity can hide them while taking us to where we are destined to be.

“Octo,” in Latin, means “eight,” since for the Romans, initially, the calendar began with March, thus making this the eighth month. Even after March was moved to the 3rd, October’s name did not change. This period’s rhythm is going to be extroversion and joy. The weather still features spots of rain, particularly during the later parts of the afternoon. However, that only purifies the air and makes it lighter and milder.

October will bring the balanced energies of the equinox into the inner transformations of our souls to harmonize them. However, October’s most unique spiritual trait is the chance of other dimensions’ presence becoming higher – particularly those dimensions where passed-on souls reside. It feels like departed loved ones are close beside us and attempting to contact us.

As such, October’s spiritual meaning is still about contemplation regarding overcoming difficulties. Along with that, we must seek to reinvent ourselves while strengthening ourselves to seek the recovery of healing, health, and life.

October stands for ‘10’. In numerology, this is equivalent to 1 – signifying the creative energy, beginning, the absolute, and individuality. It is also connected with ambition, achievements, courage, and leadership. Use the month’s vibrations to accomplish goals and make your dreams come true.

New Paths And Opportunities

In the month, you will have to find balance and seek our Libra, the season’s ruler. Locate your center as the month should be among 2022’s most amazing and magical months. Try to be thankful in proper measure, reflect, and meditate. Be aware that whatever you need to attain achievements, prosperity, and goodness is within you.

The period is extremely sunny, so there will be a lot of kind and cooperative energy from your well-wishers. This will also open up opportunities where you can do some extra service or work – be it as a volunteer or as a freelancer. Think of some company, charity group, or community where your experience is invaluable at this point.

This desire for support can also be present within your family, via close relatives or children lacking emotional support. Try to have the availability and heart space to offer to the close ones if the moment arises. However, try not to do anything under a sense of obligation or hoping for a reward. Helping someone will not be an obstacle in the day or delay your responsibilities.

As such, in the approaching four weeks, try to be accepting of changes. Calm yourself, share the workload, and you will see that there is no need to take on the world by yourself.

October 2022’s Universal Energy

Many of the month’s characteristics will overlap with that of Libra energy. We will have a chance to appreciate life’s beauty, learn from what we experience, use diplomacy to make important connections, and be completely focused on the things that are fair and right.

Numerology says that October is the number 7 universal month. This is when we must embrace changes and believe in the wisdom of the Universe.

If life has a sense of chaos till now due to recent changes, this is when you can bask in the effects with a sense of harmony and peace. Have fun with the pleasant vibes, and be aware of everything (good and otherwise) happening in life.

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