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Your Horoscope For “Spooky Season” October 2022

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by Conscious Reminder

Fall is well underway, and it’s time for the favorite sweats as well as that spicy pumpkin latte.

Even if October begins in Libra, Scorpio energy will also be on offer in ample amounts, as Scorpio season will begin on October 23rd. As for the cosmic events, Mercury and Venus will enter Scorpio along with a Scorpio eclipse. As such, the month may start off lighthearted and fun, but the ending may be a bit darker.

Here is what the zodiacs can expect for October 2022:


October starts off with an Aries full moon that will be the end of the chapter that started around the September 25th Libra New Moon. If there are doubts regarding whether you and your present partner’s lifestyle can sync, you can take this chance to stop the relationship. This will also be a chance to clear the air of any confusion with your best friends.


The spotlight, during Libra Season, will be on your daily tasks. Make full use of extra motivation to organize and catch up on your housework, professional work, and kitchen supplies. Prepare for a lot near the month’s end regarding your personal and love relationships.


Mercury, your ruler, may turn direct on October 2nd, but Mars will begin its retrograde in Gemini on that day. As such, October can feel a bit out of sorts for you. Forgive yourself for the lack of motivation. However, you can have fun during the Libra season.


Your homebody tendencies may take an even stronger hold on you right now. As such, take time to organize/rearrange your home and furniture so that it can feel cozy, clean, and spacious. Scorpio season will have you busy with romance and hobbies.


If you have pending projects at work or school, then the Libra season will be ideal for completing them. Be ready for more assignments that will require your communication skill or a call to review new work contracts or lease agreements. However, hold off on signing anything before Mercury turns direct on October 2nd.


During Libra season, the focus will be completely on work and money. This will be a great time for asking for raises or learning new skills. Scorpio season coupled with the end of the Mercury retrograde can mean fewer work miscommunications.


This season is yours, and so is the spotlight. The attention will be best put to use by searching for new opportunities in both work and romance. You can also try being more trendy and freshening your looks.


You can set aside a bit of time during Libra season to recharge by yourself. However, since the 2022 eclipses take place in Scorpio, be ready for several personal changes. The Scorpio solar eclipse on October 23rd is a sign to spend more time with yourself as the focus.


Libra season may make you feel very social, so make plenty of plans involving friends. Keep it up until Scorpio season arrives since, at that time, you will need the time to spend on self-care.


Your focus will be entirely on work during this Libra season. It will be the ideal time for taking up extra projects or discussing career growth opportunities. You will have the motivation to clear up more of your pending work.


You need a vacation, and this will be an ideal time for it. It might also be researching the places you wish to visit, like learning their culture and language. However, the Scorpio season’s focus will be on work and career.


Take the time during this Libra season to set your finances straight. During the Scorpio eclipse, near October end, there may be an interest in new subjects. Take the chance to start a new course or workshop online. 

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