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The October 2022 Full Moon In Aries Brings Total Surrender

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by Conscious Reminder

While the rest of the world enjoys the tranquility of the Libra period, we are confronted with the fiery full Moon entering Aries.

As the sign of Aries is associated with fire, it offers us the chance to purge our lives of everything that is holding us back. Sunday, Oct 9, 2022, is a full Moon that may help you connect with your inner strength and find the fortitude to face any challenge. 

Chiron will be retrograde in Aries around the time of the Full Moon in October, adding fuel to the fire we may be experiencing and maybe resurrecting past issues that must be dealt with.

It is also a chance to focus on what matters to you. In Aries, we have a leader who helps us discover our life’s true calling. It takes dedication, determination, and bravery to find this way.

What Will The Aries Full Moon Bring?

The road we travel in life is seldom smooth. In the light of this full Moon, you may take that first step down the path of self-actualization with more assurance than you have ever known before. On Oct 9 at 4:55 p.m. ET/1:55 p.m. PT, a full moon in the zodiac of the Ram will be reaching its apogee.

This healing is not something that can be bought, but rather it is something that happens after one has exhausted all other options and can only submit.

The intense, transformative energy of this Full Moon has led to this moment of surrender. With this type of vitality, we may push ourselves to our very boundaries.

With this much momentum, we may finally reach the point where we can no longer go on in our current manner. The healing energy of surrender is on offer, though, and much of this power emanates from asteroid Chiron, which teams up with the Aires Full Moon.

Knowing that this full Moon may stimulate emotions of unrest, restlessness, and annoyance is the initial step toward comprehending its meaning. If you’re not living in accordance with your life’s purpose, Aries will show you immediately. The intensity of this force may make you question your judgment. It is meant to encourage you to push beyond your limits.

Letting Go Is The Key

We become antsy and irritated when our vitality stops flowing or when we experience any kind of delay. We also experience similar feelings when we fail to do the actions that would bring our decisions into harmony with our path. It is irritating because we may not even know what needs to be decided.

This full Moon might be hard for those who are not feeling connected to their true selves at the moment. Even worse, it might trigger emotional and energy breakdowns in you, such as emotional outbursts, weeping, and explosive wrath.

Fury has the potential to propel you forward in areas of your life in which you need to make changes, so channel that energy wisely. Anger is a normal human emotion, but it may also be an indication that personal boundaries are being or have been violated.

Anger arises when we feel our personal space has been violated, when we have been ignored, or when we have been treated with disrespect. This is perfectly normal and should serve as a reminder to express yourself more clearly.

Healing is promised whenever the Aries moon energy is combined with Chiron; it will not come from attempting to correct, manage, or push things but rather from letting go. Chiron is called the broken healer due to his ability to draw strength, insight, and powers from his injuries.

Instead of trying to “heal” his injuries, Chiron would rather move on. He has instead utilized his pain as motivation to grow and become more self-aware.

Even while this Full Moon in Aries tends to be rather tumultuous, there is also enough calming, soothing, and pleasant energy to let us relax, feel at peace, and remember that life is intended to be simultaneously wonderful and chaotic.

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