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What The Zodiac Of Indigenous Americans Says About You?

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by Conscious Reminder

Among the American indigenous tribes, choosing the name of a child was not something small.

They were people that were quite highly attuned to nature, choosing names which represented all the fears and hopes they had for that child.

Although colonialism resulted in losing most of the knowledge about them, we may still learn something more related to their cultures. When talking about astrology, they actually have animals-based star signs.

Here are the Zodiac signs of the indigenous American people:

Otter – 20th of January – 18th of February

As otters are famous for their unusual and unconventional ways, many people will not be comfortable with their thinking. However, they are missing out as their quirkiness represents some kind of manifestation of the heightened intuition and sharp intellect.

Wolf – 19th of February – 20th of March

Wolves firmly believe that what can save us in this world is love. From all the other signs of this Zodiac, Wolves are the best ones in a relationship as they are nurturing, and kind individuals who definitely know how they can stay true to their own selves.

Falcon – 21st of March – 19th of April

Rational and impartial all the time, Falcons are skilled at various types of leadership. In fact, they are also determined and efficient, but rarely, their arrogance may get the best of them too.

Beaver – 20th of April – 20th of May

As Beavers have a cutting-edge type of intelligence, they make for really successful businessmen. Also, they are famous for their affection and loyalty; however, sometimes they may be quite stubborn about what they think.

Deer – 21st of May – 20th of June

Deer are quick with what they say, so when in the center of attention, they are at great ease. They are also excellent when it comes to making others laugh, sometimes making their own egos simply blow up.

Woodpecker – 21st of June – 21st of July

Woodpeckers are the best natural caregivers, and they are born as empaths. They draw other people to them when they need them as they exude comfort and warmth. However, they also let rage and spite get the best of them sometimes.

Salmon – 22nd of June – 21st of August

The principal characteristics of Salmons are creativity, quiet focus, and determination. Also, the open aura that surrounds them makes other people feel drawn to them.

Bear – 22nd of August – 21st of September

The Bear, the person that is most dependable, is also big-hearted and generous. Bears usually undersell themselves; however, they are quite smart and excellent with money.

Raven – 22nd of September – 22nd of October

Ravens are charming, with an excellent diplomacy sense, and they make friends everywhere. Also, their easy-going attitude and ability for patience definitely make them fantastic partners; however, when not careful, they may get quite needy.

Snake – 23rd of October – 22nd of November

The heightened spirituality of the Snakes makes sure that they are profoundly attuned to spirit realms. They are blessed with capacities to become philosophers and great healers.

Owl – 23rd of November – 21st of December

As owls are constantly soaring up in the sky, it will not be easy to actually get them to commit to something. In fact, they are friendly and warm, but the love they have for adventure simply makes them behave rashly. There is no task which will be too much for them as they are versatile, certainly making life interesting.

Goose – 22nd of December – 19th of January

Regardless of what they should do, they are always going to give their best, as Gooses are full of ambition and drive. They will never really settle for something smaller than success so that other people have to remind them that there is something more about life than just work.

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