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What The 2022 Scorpio Season Has In Store For Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

When the Sun leaves the tropical zodiac sign of Libra and enters that of Scorpio on Oct 23, 2022, we enter the season of Scorpio.

The Scorpion zodiac sign symbolizes metamorphosis and repeated life-and-death cycles. In astrology, Scorpio represents metamorphosis and the rebirth/death cycle. As we approach the peak of Spring or Autumn, nature serves as a continual message of the processes of rebirth and death.

What Is In Store For Your Zodiac This Scorpio Season?


The gigantic Jupiter is currently in retrograde motion in your sign. According to ancient horoscopes, you would be riding a wave of good fortune whenever Jupiter had been in Aries.

Taurus Possibly, as this year winds down, you are giving some thought to your future and what you would like to accomplish, and what you value most.


When Mars is retrograde, people tend to focus inward. It is possible that you may not feel like your normal talkative self, or that you will want some alone time to recharge.


Soak up this power and let it take you to new heights of imagination and compassion. Under this influence, you could also notice that your connections improve and grow.


We may heighten our awareness of our hearts, which in turn enhances our capacity for empathy, goodwill, and happiness as we go about our daily lives. thoughts and deeds with compassion instead of pride.


This holiday season, be easy on yourself and avoid stuffing yourself silly. Protecting your space and prioritizing your own needs will serve you well.


You might feel prepared to start a brand-new chapter of your life after the celebration of your birthday. Feel the support of the Cosmos as you embark on this new chapter. You may direct this vitality toward making your existence more beautiful in whichever way suits you best.


If a Solar Eclipse occurs on or around your birthday, you should expect a year full of profound changes and exciting new beginnings. If you were born on the day of a Lunar Eclipse, this will be a year of closure and conclusion. Venus will be hanging around while the Sun moves into your zodiac sign, offering you energies of grace, serenity, and empathy.


You can find yourself tying up loose ends or drawing a line under a chapter. It is also possible to finally enjoy the rewards of your labor after years of cultivating a certain field. A relationship you already have with someone might get stronger.


Working yourself to exhaustion is a common result of trying to get everything done in a day. Your planetary ruler, Saturn, has been communicating with Uranus, your planet of new ideas and awakening. Use the positive vibes of Venus to relax and enjoy life again if you’ve been stressing out or treating things way too seriously.


Because Uranus is your governing planet, its recent activity has likely left you feeling disoriented, undecided, and scattered all over.  It is possible that reading fiction and disappearing into other worlds and tales can help you. Considerations of work harmony, or the lack thereof, may occupy your thoughts.


You have always had a lot of imagination, but now that Scorpio Season has started, it is working even better for you. One possible benefit of waiting till after Eclipse Season is through is a renewed sense of confidence in one’s ability to be themselves.

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