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Archangels & Angels: These Are The Main Differences

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by Conscious Reminder

We have all sometimes wondered how archangels and angels differ. First of all, in order to fully understand the main difference between these two, we have to look at their similarities.

How are archangels and angels similar?

Of course, their similarity is that the two of them are actually unbelievable angelic beings who serve humankind from some higher realms as the messengers of truth, wisdom, and Divine Love.

Both of them fulfill different tasks in order to support and protect us, while we are living our lives here on Earth.

In fact, there are various levels or ranks of the angelic hierarchy, and archangels and angels are part of these levels, the closest ones to humanity. Archangels and angels are from two different consciousness levels.


Angels are spiritual beings that are a level up from humankind. They are the spirits of our lives, who support, guide, and assist us as human beings. The angel-human relationship is one to one, which means that one angel can connect only with one human at a time.

Our guardian angels would definitely be the ones that are closest to us personally, and that was with us since we were born. Our guardian angels will be with us until we die.

Our guardian angels have the purpose to guide, protect, support, and assist us in our lives. On the other hand, archangels aren’t guardian angels. The rank and title of guardian angels are reserved only for beings from the angelic hierarchy.

Just like we already said, our guardian angels are here to protect, guide and support us in aligning with our purpose and soul path, in order to expand our consciousness, or also align with our highest light, truth, and growth in our lives.

Our guardian angels want us to complete our mission and also experience lasting and true happiness and fulfillment in our lives.

Angels belong to the angelic hierarchy, and they are one step above humankind, in awareness and consciousness expansion, and they also act as messengers, guides, and even allies for different spiritual beings.

We are all supported and guided by angels, all the time. However, we aren’t all aware of their presence in our everyday lives. But, we can regain the level of awareness of the presence of angels if we open our heart, and elevate our consciousness.

And, when we finally learn how we can connect with our guardian angels, we can even connect with other beings from this angelic realm that are always there to support us and assist us in our lives in the process of stepping into our mission and divine truth.


Archangels are beings which are one level up from angels, in a much higher expanded consciousness level.

Archangels are the spirits of the spiritual fire that oversee and work with whole groups of humankind. They usually oversee towns, nations, cities, or other designations and groups. They have the ability to work with whole groups of individuals at once continually.

That’s why a lot of people believe and feel that they have a connection with some archangels, such as Archangel Metatron, Archangel Uriel, and Archangel Michael. They are connected with these archangels as they form part of the group of these archangels.

Archangels are like intermediaries between Infinite Light and God’s complexity, Humanity, Divine, and Source in this physical world. They usually help us in receiving the divine wisdom, and inspiration.

The most popular archangel is Archangel Michael, and it is for many good reasons. He is the one that oversees our current period or age in which we live.

That’s why he actively guides and connects with humankind, all over the world, through a lot of different religions, ideologies, and cultures. He guides humankind to become even more conscious.

From all this, we can see that the principal difference between archangels and angels is their consciousness level and the way in which they are working with humankind. Archangels are working with whole groups, while angels work with one person at a time.

Both of them offer unbelievable support, guidance, and help, and are always here in order to assist us and guide us in our lives.

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