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A Sincere Promise To Myself: I Will Take Responsibility!

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by Conscious Reminder

I, from this day on, promise to take responsibility for everything that is happening in my life, fully aware and with a clear mind.

I am a person who loves to live. Therefore, I try not only to survive, but live with dignity and fully enjoy all the goods that life can give me.

I realize that nothing in life comes easy and wishing for something won’t do it, so I will keep trying to do my best in every area of my life. As a reasonable man, I am aware that there is a law of attraction, according to which every consequence has its own cause. And if the cause is not visible or obvious, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

What I’ve  achieved and what I have in my life also has a cause. And the cause is – my own choice.

Every day, every hour, every minute, I make choices.  Small or big. Significant or not. Pleasant or unpleasant. Conscious or unconscious . Efficient or not. Even the decision of not making a choice is also a choice. And all these series of choices bring me closer to my success or move me away from it.

I realize that no matter the way I make the choice, aware or unaware, under pressure or not, I do what I think is best for myself, and I’m the only one who is responsible for everything that is going on in my life. The choices I made yesterday, have consequences now. The choices I made today, will reflect in the future.

So, today, I begin to make completely aware choices. I promise that I am going to make decisions that will bring me closer to goals and aims, and not draw me further away from them.

From today’s day, I choose to take responsibility for my own life. I commit myself not to hold other people, state, law, circumstances, destiny, etc responsible because it is unproductive and does not lead me to success.

From now on, I choose to live my life with joy and pleasure because I realized that being sad, unhappy and unsuccessful, is also my choice, and I don’t like it.

From today, I choose to talk to people about the Principles of Responsibility. As I realize that the more people are responsible for their lives, the more harmonious living environment they will create, and this will further help me to achieve my goals.

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